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  1. Why isnt carmen considered the most successful piece of music ever?
  2. George foreman needs to take a math class, and I hate HP
  3. Why can't anyone ever be happy for me?
  4. Lose some goddamn weight America
  5. cant sleep
  6. So I got kidney stones
  7. Sports Hell - Cleveland
  8. Gotta love Crackheads...
  9. I just got outdamaged by a monk...
  10. STFU Woody,GuComics, Development politics, H8rs, and NDAs
  11. Screw you bestbuy and your $100 DvD
  12. Can we fix the scheduling a bit fox/nbc/cbs?
  13. Generator+tailgate=reportable incident?
  14. Campus Preachers, uninvited and unwanted.
  15. Thanks for the scare you bastard !!
  16. Freakin Power Outage!
  17. Ligament Slice vs Crippling Strike
  18. Blew My Best Joke of the Day on the Barrista
  19. Movie Trailers
  20. Worst Super Bowl in years
  21. The quotes at the top of the page
  22. EXPLODING Caserole Dishes.
  23. The Secret ... and other crap....
  24. Something Awful
  25. "Computer troubles" doesn't even begin to describe it
  26. Give credit where credit is due? Not where I work!
  27. corporate jargon
  28. Vanguard game engine SUCKS!!!!!!
  29. Set your f'ing clock
  30. camel spider in my boot
  31. Midterm's week.
  32. 6th of March Patch
  33. Sometimes, life's like that
  34. Controlled Substances.
  35. College Antics
  36. HP customer "care"
  37. Photoshop....
  38. I'm Shrinking but My Feet's Too Big
  39. Diets Suck!
  40. The absolute thing about owning a pet is...
  41. how to tell ur assistant that she sux
  42. On the firing line...
  43. 40 days and 4 Cs away from the end of the world
  44. Friendship (Long, "Emo", Drama)
  45. 64 in a 55 (oops, a 45)
  46. ******* Mudbox!!!!
  47. F*** You, Katrina Victims!
  48. ******* ******** collection agencies
  49. OHMYGOD!!! You're so selfish!!!!
  50. Effing Hodurbear and his wingnut opinions
  51. Never Again, U-Haul!
  52. It is April 5
  53. ***hole Drivers, or why I can't have nice things.
  54. How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode
  55. Berries and cream
  56. Iraq extension
  57. berserkers and wizard instant cast nukes
  58. Then why did you ask?!?!?!?!
  59. snowstorm
  60. Anime Nation....
  61. To the candy-assed california transplant...
  62. 3.5 years...
  63. The Exam Bug
  64. Omgschool!
  65. How The **** Do You Manage.
  66. how do you explain?
  67. I'm good, but not that good.
  68. Why does life feel the need to suck more than it already does?
  69. Self Pontification
  70. Appointments and Keeping Them
  71. My name is Aura. I am a spelling nazi.
  72. Piano Playing Kittens, CNN, and my blood pressure
  73. mouth ulcer
  74. Man they arn't even trying any more
  75. Fricken retarded SoE moderation
  76. Gnomenapping
  77. Why I'm a dumbass.
  78. Whats up with today's MMO's?
  79. Why the hell can't people shut their worthless bastard children up?
  80. Stupid simpsons
  81. The paper feeder: the road to printer woe.
  82. Mini Burgers
  83. Bad day folfing :(
  84. Sprint DSL
  85. Mother @#$%, @#$% sucking @#$%holes
  86. Pastramiiiiii!!
  87. Whoa, wtf happened?
  88. Shrouded Energeiac Chain Coat
  89. Interweb thieves!
  90. Why is foreign music, Russian in particular, so bloody hard to find :mad:
  91. Allergies
  92. Censor-shi.....t
  93. Lazy College Professor
  94. CSS IE Firefox, Linux, Windows, Safari
  95. A Waste of Air
  96. "I've had such a bad day!"
  97. Silly gamestop
  98. driving to buy some milk, and listenin to the radio, minding my own business...
  99. Beauracracy, rawr!
  100. I h8 password restrictions.
  101. Why should I come to work...
  102. How much would you bet on your QQ versus 7 6 off suit preflop in texas hold em.
  103. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I CAN"T HEAR YOU!!!
  104. Thanks for the ****ing FOOD POISONING Ruby Tuesday :ugh:
  105. To many movies out!
  106. ******* Pyramid Schemes
  107. I hope all these damned Deathly Hallows spoilers aren't real.
  108. My lazy postman
  109. Republican denial of game theory.
  110. So I'm the bad guy?
  111. printers+printer drivers = cardiac arrest
  112. I received an email from Blizzard today.
  113. group project suck
  114. Autoformatting can rot in hell.
  115. Road Work Ahead: Fines double ... Road Work ahead: Fines Double ...
  116. Finding a f@$!&#@ job!
  117. No, it's NOT ok to contact this poster to solicit prostitution
  118. trying to throw me out...
  119. The OXO Mandoline slicer...
  120. If you're going to give me something to do...
  121. Usps
  122. New apartment woes.
  123. Millitary Flights
  124. Damnit, camera!
  125. Bad IT calls: Why you get the coffee tray/foot pedal calls!
  126. Dear McCarthy
  127. No Smoking
  128. What do I gotta do? Open a vein?
  129. Everyone's a freaking dog whisperer
  130. A penny for your thoughts. Plus Taxes. Plus Tips.
  131. Holy crap can a 3 year old have mood swings?
  132. About the head
  133. **** you Taco Bell!
  134. Amtrak Florida... WTF?
  135. Valve Time can eat **** and die.
  136. Stupid criminal's
  137. WoW rant
  138. WTF? License Suspension?
  139. I've been putting off posting this
  140. Only for extremely large values of 10.
  141. Am I unjustified?
  142. st leo university
  143. Simon Woods isnt fit to hold Max Pirkin's horse...
  144. Has anyone worked fast food?
  145. Dear SoE, your customer service system sucks.
  146. A stalker that smells of Pepperoni...
  147. 2nd hand smoke
  148. Why do wireless headphones... have headphones attached?
  149. Why, Gods, did it have to be $&%^# Win95?!
  150. I have feeling holiday spirit!
  151. Roommates ARARG
  152. Get his fork the **** out of my tea
  153. Fratricide is legal, right?
  154. OMG how hard can it be to find a freaken dicast car!!!
  155. stop the spin!
  156. This isn't exactly what I meant by "Reinstall Windows"
  157. Hollywood Career Analysis
  158. Live Free or Die Hard plot
  159. Happiest place on earth my ass.
  160. "You're a bum who plays video games..."
  161. Iced in and WoW servers are down!
  162. I just spent the past seven hours cleaning this room...
  163. Why is 7-zip so much faster than windows zip extractor?
  164. the magical world...of idiot travelers
  165. My pants love Aidden
  166. I was freaken SOLD….
  167. PS3 and Sony
  168. AT&T can die.
  169. Explaining the logistics of Santa's workshop to a 5 year old
  170. Italics people!
  171. Giuliani '08!
  172. Don't FREAKEN tell me NOT to get you something for Xmas...then be pissy that I didn't
  173. Another one bites the dust
  174. ARGH! OpenOffice Writer pet peeve
  175. unsigned char c=0, t=0;
  176. Raining Blood
  177. Satan's Buffet: Korean Food
  178. What do people expect? NJ Death Penalty and NY Nicks rants
  179. Gah~ Can't get to sleep!
  180. I'm sitting here at my desk bored as ****
  181. Should I just hibernate?
  182. Eat a **** Ruby Tuesday!
  183. Die human resources die!
  184. SoE EQ moderators have got to be the worst on the planet.
  185. 5 Minor things that set you off...
  186. House hunting
  187. eff u teh man
  188. That phone call
  189. Damn Georgia
  190. People Who Whine About Stuff and Never Do Anything About It
  191. WTF Matt Damon is 37
  192. You want what for how much by when?!
  193. There is no balance.
  194. Getting bitched at for **** you didn't do
  195. I hate people
  196. Think Geek
  197. F$%@ing FanSub groups
  198. Stupid stupid stupid kids!!!!!
  199. DAmn you Internet
  200. Screw you Oregonian!
  201. To the People Who Steal Drinks From My Outdoor Refigerator
  202. Grand Central ****ING Station!
  203. Spammers
  204. Tell Me There's a Way in Call of Duty 4 PS3
  205. Getting the wrong message
  206. Who needs user friendly?
  207. Hp.
  208. Picture day...
  209. 5 Gigabyte Installs
  210. When you come to the window at the drive thru
  211. Well, someone is lucky that I wasn't home today...
  212. **** dell
  213. SON OF A BITCH :mad: So I got reminded about that stupid FedEx arrow and worse.
  214. Damn you database server
  215. Poor Liz in Roswell
  216. It gets better.
  217. No, it's better to have never loved at all,
  218. Dhitp
  219. Mother****** ****rag son of bitch sack of balls :mad:
  220. Sometimes things that are good for you don't feel that way
  221. I ****ing hate online tests.
  222. My 7th root canal
  223. "Junior" ?
  224. **** Milk.
  225. **** you windows update
  226. Mother Nature is MAD EPIC. v. Toprem. Lulz nside!
  227. an open letter to *******s everywhere
  228. Taco Bell
  229. **** you alergies!
  230. Why engineers suck
  231. My mother
  232. Inconsiderate gives me a cold, news at 11
  233. Entirely new phone company stupidity.
  234. Mother @#$#er
  235. Just because...
  236. Microsoft
  237. 8:00am Tech support Call
  238. Seriously... **** Yuccas.
  239. 'I beleive in my canidate but I'm afraid to commit!'
  240. I told ya so
  241. Multiple rants on my day out.
  242. I have a headache this big and it's got MOOSE written all over it
  243. Alright, which one of you..........
  244. Everyone hates My new pet kitten :(
  245. GTA4 Saves
  246. What do you call people who don't use birth control?
  247. Our daughter's babysitter
  248. How many of you are from Europe?
  249. Hey UPS! What about a little conservation!
  250. Mortgage interest rates