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June 9, 2004

The following is an initial break down for the PvP changes that will be on the PvP beta server as soon as it is up. We’ll continue to add updates to this thread as we make updates to the server. If you’re interested in playing in the beta and have a character on one of the Zek servers you can use the /beta command in game to add your character to the copy queue. The /beta command will be disabled Friday at 11 PM PST, so please /beta as soon as possible if you wish to participate.

We’ll also have a second thread containing known issues that we’ll continue to update through out the beta process.

* Melee attacks have a 50% increased range. This does not effect thrown weapons or archery.
* All safe zones have been removed save Shadowrest and the Bazaar.
* The maximum damage any one spell can do is now capped at 40% of the target’s total hit points, down from 75%.
* Archery damage has been increased to 80% of its base damage in PvP, up from 66%.
* Being stunned while on a horse will now cause the horse to disappear. This only applies to spells cast by other players.
* Lowered player melee mitigation, effectively lowering Armor Class by 20%. This will increase the damage potential of melee weapons in PvP. Originally the targets full armor class was considered.
* Player spells now have a separate duration field for PvP. Individual spells will continue to be tuned during beta.
* Player spells now have a PvP specific resist mod. Individual spells will continue to be adjusted during beta. Spell lines with resist mods differing from their normal adjusts initially include:
o Movement Rate
o Root
o Enthrall
o Mana Drain
* Ranged weapons are no longer restricted by the Z axis, allowing greater freedom of use on varied terrain.
* Snare will now properly slow mounts. The mount will still be faster then normal running while snared, but will considerably decrease their movement rate.
* Spells now have a minimum chance of landing of 5%, up from 2%.
* Water will no longer cause you to be immune to people outside of water and vice versa.
* “Hill ghosting” should be reduced.
* Zoning with low health will no longer set your hit points equal to the amount of +HP gear you are wearing.
* Players killed in PvP combat will now spawn in Shadowrest with full equipment. A naked corpse will remain in the location they died for 3 hours.
* Players who are killed in PvP combat will respawn with special resurrection effects on them. The duration of these effects is variable dependant on how frequently they die.
* Summon Corpse Potions are now usable by any class/race.
* A system to score PvP kills has been implemented. For more information see below.

Scoring System

The new scoring system will award points to any player who kills another player. If the player is grouped the points will be split between the group. The points awarded will be based on three things:

1. Level of the killer

2. Scoring Modifier

a. Level Difference

b. Infamy Difference

c. Vitality score

3. Time since the victim has last been killed by the same player.

1. Level of the killer

Each kill has a base point cost determined by the level of the killer. All subsequent modifiers apply to this base number.

2. Scoring modifier

The scoring modifier is based on three things. Each of these factors results in a score that is then applied in whole to the point value of the kill.

a. Level Difference

For each level the killer is above or below the victim, the scoring modifier increase by one point. If you kill some one who is higher level then you, you’ll gain more points then you will for a lower level character. You will also subtract points from your modifier for killing a player lower level then you.

Higher level characters are more powerful, and should be worth more points. A victim must be at least level 20 to awards points.

b. Infamy Difference

Each time you kill another player, points are added to your infamy pool. At certain thresholds a player will gain an infamy level. When a player is killed, the infamy levels are compared and the killer gains a scoring modifier point for each infamy level his victim is above him. He can also lose scoring modifier points for killing someone who is of lower infamy. Infamy will gradually deteriorate while the player is online.

Players who regularly PvP are generally of higher skill level then those that do not. This encourages players to kill other players who are of more equivalent skill.

c. Vitality

When a player is killed their vitality is set to –10. For each 5 minutes they are alive, they will gain back two points of vitality. This vitality total is added directly to the scoring modifier.

A player who dies very frequently is worth less points then one who stays alive longer.


Frizznik kills Rytan. Frizznik is level 60, while Rytan is level 62 for a level difference of 2. Frizznik has an infamy level of 5, while Rytan has an infamy level of 2, which results in infamy difference of –3. Rytan has not recently been killed, so his vitality is 0. Level Difference + Infamy Difference + Vitality = Scoring Point Modifier or 2 + (-3) + 0.

Each scoring modifier point adds or subtracts 5% to the base score. Normally Frizznik would gain 100 points for killing Rytan, but because of the scoring point modifier he will gain 95 points instead.

3. Time since the killer has killed the same victim

Players that repeatedly kill the same player will see a steep decrease in the amount of points a player is worth. They will gain half the points for the kill they normally would for each time they kill that player in a 24 hour period. After the score has dropped below 1 point, they will begin to lose points for killing the same player.

Leader Board

The leader board tracks the players with the most total PvP. A number of other useful statistics will be available in the leader board.

Point Rewards

Players will be able to redeem their points for equipment via a Lost Dungeons of Norrath style adventure merchant interface. These rewards will span from level 20 on up to 65 and include some pieces that are of elemental quality and possibly beyond.

A player’s point total is capped based on their level. They cannot gain more points once they hit that cap, although they can gain more infamy. There will be a number of consumable PvP items that will be focused on PvP combat, and will only function against other players.

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Yay! Much :heart to Rytan and other Devs involved with this, and I take back 1/10th the bad things I ever said about SOE. ;)

06-11-04, 11:30 PM
Could the point system be any more stolen from DAoC? Heh, it's a good system though.

06-11-04, 11:55 PM
Like 3 yrs late though.

Poke Swiftdagger
08-08-04, 12:23 PM
This is true. I would have stayed on PvP (and EQ for that matter) if some of these things got put in a few years ago.

Good for them actually trying now though - all those who are new may be able to enjoy PvP more.

08-08-04, 01:13 PM
Some or all of this goes live this coming Tuesday, by the way.