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07-16-04, 06:29 AM
First, hi to all. I am, as you can tell, new here. :) I am about to take the plunge and get into my first MMORPG, and this is the only one that gives me a good feeling about paying a monthly fee for a game. I just had a couple of questions regarding the game.

First, how is the speed of the game? I have high-throughput cable modem (well, maybe not THAT high, only about 600KBps), and a 1GHz machine with 256MB RAM and a 32MB Geforce2. Anyone have experience with a similar config? Am I going to experience lots of lag because of the video card?

Second, it appears that you can have more than one character. What is the limit? And can you use two of the simultaneously (so that my wife and I can both play together without having to pay two monthly fees)? I'm not against paying twice if the game turns out as great as it appears to be (especially when City of villains comes out), but I can't bring myself to start out with two accounts until I am more comfortable with how long I will want to play it.

Third, what is the deal with the different servers? Is there any actual difference between them, or is it just to make sure there are not too many people clogging up one server? Can your character be moved from one server to another?

I appreciate any advice you guys can offer..

07-16-04, 06:48 AM
Welcome to the cult.

You'll probably lag a decent amount, but nothing compared to trying this game on a laptop with similar speeds (horrible, horrible lag that nobody can endure). Around Lady Liberty (where you "train yourself") and other highly populated areas will be rough. The rest should be tolerable, however. Your internet speed is fine.

You can have up to eight characters per server. No, you can't copy them to other servers, and no you can't play simultaneously. If you want to play with your wife, you'll have to buy the game twice and pay 2x monthly. No difference between servers at the moment.

The reasons for having different servers is to prevent clogging. Zones, as you will find out, do the same thing. So one server may have 2 or 3 Atlas Park zones at a time. The only difference is the people in each zone. Your character can switch easily between zones, but server switching is impossible. Most of us are on the Victory server, fyi.

If you decide to get the game, feel free to send my main a tell. His name is I Blend In, and I'd be glad to hop onto a low lvl alt and show ya the ropes. To send me a tell, just hop onto Victory and type:

/tell I Blend In, I hate you.

Notice the comma after my name. Also, if you're as lazy as me, /t is the same as /tell. Hope to see you soon.

07-16-04, 06:55 AM
Talk about quick response. :) Well, the answers are kind of what I had expected. I suppose I will have to buy one copy to start off with and see how things work out. If it is as good as what it appears, I will end up having to shell out for 2 accounts. :) I may have to upgrade my video card first I think. I am assuming the video card would make a better increase in performance than the processor. And I do have 2 laptops with similar specs I was hoping to use, but from your response, I guess that is kind of out of the question. :)

Lemac Dushae
07-16-04, 08:05 AM
My craptacular 1 gig proc with 512 RAM runs CoH just fine... granted I have a higher end dx9 vid card as well. I'd blame your video card for any performance issues.

07-16-04, 08:22 AM
Make sure she really wants to play before you go with the second account. I grabbed a second one and my second half lost interest and went back to Camelot.

Game is great fun though.


07-16-04, 08:50 AM
Ya, I think a new video card would reduce the lag most (compared to ease). Getting more RAM would probably be second. This game runs best on a PC by far.

On some laptops it plays with all character models as black shadows, but runs smoothly. I have 2 friends with this problem on their laptops. On mine, a 1 gig 128 mb RAM Compaq Presario, playing this game is a no-no. Takes five minutes to type my login name and password. The character selection screen is literally 1 frame per minute. Graphics are fine though...

07-16-04, 09:24 AM
I have to concur, the GeForce 2 won't cut it. I have the PNY GeForce FX 5200 which is a 128mb card, and CoH is the only game that causes overheating. I have to keep my case open and a fan pointed at it, otherwise my computer restarts. I believe my processor is 1.6 gig.

That being said, the game runs well when the fan's on. :) I do get a bit of lag when I zone into a new city area, but that's gone within 30 seconds. I couldn't run EQ with spell effects, but the effects in CoH don't cause me any lag.

Kalaks Kostaja
08-02-04, 08:24 AM
If it's real GeForce 2 (not MX), it should run ok. My friend runs the game with like 256M mem, 800mhz or so P3 and GeForce 2 and has no complaints whatsoever about the game.

However I had to upgrade my GeForce 2 MX to get the game run. Now I run it with GeForce 5200 FX (cost like 70 euros), 512M mem, 1.1Ghz AMD and it works like a charm.

Note tho the game leaks memory (or tries to "smart" cache it), so that after a while (2-3 hours of playing) you might have to quit and restart the game (its fast tho, nothing like EQ) to cut down the zoneing times and stop the "swapping" in game.

Qcka the mind/emp controller in Champion

08-02-04, 12:00 PM
I have to keep my case open and a fan pointed at it, otherwise my computer restarts.

Thats dedication Dorla.

I run 1.4Gig, 512ram, Radeon 9200 and I run CoH fine. Around Liberty it can be a bit laggy, and the "Spell effects" in close quarters can lag me a little too, but other than that, its fine.

08-12-04, 05:29 AM
Just as a note - if lag is a problem for you (I'm currently running it on dialup..... long story...), then I would be EXTREMELY cautious about getting Teleport at level 14. TP has a short time frame to cast the next one, and lag makes it harder than it has to be.

Just a word of warning. ;)

08-13-04, 05:58 PM
Unless you have Hover in addition to TP. Then Lag isn't a problem.

Gnmish Gearbinder
08-16-04, 09:03 AM
My fiancee runs on a P4 1gHz w/ 256mb RAM and a 32mb GeForce 2 MX. It's really not bad except around Ms. Liberty.

Your milage may vary.