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Mardoc the Dwarf
11-21-03, 12:13 PM
Okay, so I open up msconfig to change the start up boots, and like it closes itself randomly, I don't press closes, just move mouse to start up tab...and bam it closes

11-21-03, 02:05 PM
J00 quite possibly have a virus... might try running a full scan with a fully updated scanner (AVG if you're cheap, or McAfee/Norton otherwise)...

And the first person who comments on me saying Norton is ok, bite me... 2003/2004 on a Windows XP machine works fine, and it doesn't do all the crap that I hated about Norton prior to 2003. McAfee is beginning to do that crap (like popup messages with virus notifications ALL THE DAMN TIME) as much as Norton, but I am with 7.0, not 8.0, so it doesn't bother me. Veteran Kakarat Doomstalker
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11-22-03, 06:17 AM
could always try housecall or panda activescan

I dont quite know how reliable they are at finding all viruses, but theyre useful for quick scans if youre doubting your antivirus software =)

11-25-03, 02:04 PM
my dads computer was doing the same thing, avg gets the virus pretty good. funny story he was having serious issues with his computer, serious so i ran avg virus and found 78 separate viruses, about 20 worms, a couple w95 ones, real funny. but that was the problem with trying to open msconfig, viruses

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EZ_Bikkun Wolfen
11-27-03, 10:52 AM
Definitely check for viruses as this is most likely the problem, pesky little buggers they get everywhere and muck things up!!! Daldolin Deathdealer