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The Red Baron
10-24-04, 07:50 PM
I know this question has been pounded into the ground, but...

What will you be purchasing coming up on Nov. 15th, World of Warcraft or EQ2? Clearly each game has their pros and cons- but what is going to be the deciding factor for you guys?

I think I'll be playing Everquest 2. They just have a solid background in the MMORPG market and I've heard a lot of good things from beta testers- the world seems to be well thought-out and the possibilities seem to be endless.

10-25-04, 05:17 AM

EQ2 because it will be released buggy and unfinished, reports I read say that it's been dumbed down a whole lot compared to EQ1, and it also doesn't have PvP of any sort.

Why not WoW? Well, it isn't being released over here for 3 more months.... ;)

10-25-04, 08:13 AM
To be honest, Vanguard.

To answer your question, I was seriously leaning toward WoW having played it over the summer. I am heavily leaning toward EQII now.

The familiarity of Norrath and the new game is just plain fun. My wife is also very afraid of my current EQII play time, which is a good sign.

10-25-04, 08:42 AM
WoW, I can no longer put in the hours of raiding that I once could. With the heavy use of instances to do raid encounters whenever you choose I'll stick with it and a casual guild of my friends.

10-25-04, 03:01 PM
After playing WoW stress beta, and confirming that the game is indeed good, I will be purchasing that. However I've already got my collector's edition EQ2 pre-ordered. Can't say I care what anyone else says - I want to check it out for myself. Put 4 years on and off of my life into EQ and had alot of fun, gotta see what the next rendition is like.

Not that I have a quarter as much of the time I had back when EQ was released, but whatever. I haven'tread much about EQ2 specifically to try and see if it does what EQ1 did for me when it was released. My most played game of all time before EQ was Dragonrealms, to go from completely text based online to EQ was astounding.

10-25-04, 04:05 PM
i have been playing WoW for awile now,and i would have to say it brings back my old EQ memories.

Brings back the old fun i had when first exploring the world that was EQ,as well as doing things. its been a long time since ive had that feeling about an MMO game.

Overall,i will probably get WoW when it relases. most notibly for what i describe above,as well as friends playing. WoW does have issues though,and it would be foolish to ignore them.

EQ2 i doubt i will be buying, basically due to the fact that i did buy SWG and it was a very bad game imo.

I am curious,hows the level curve in EQ2. i had heard that without a group once your in your teen's the leveling process is painful and tedious.

10-25-04, 04:11 PM
after having played both some now, Im going w/ WoW 100%.

10-25-04, 06:13 PM
I would recommend WoW if your a PVP'r or you like the amusement ride thrill or don't really think you'll reach end game.

I would say go to EQ2 if you can tollerate the fact it won't be finished. EQ2 will be for the end game players. It'll also be for the people who really like to get into the world and feel a part of it.

I think Vanguard:SoH will offer everything EQ2 will and hopefully better w/ deeper thought put into it and better testing. But I'm not privy to leet pre-beta info =(

Personally, I don't know which way I'd go. A lot of friends are in WoW but, honestly, EQ2 just seems more like my style.

10-25-04, 09:39 PM
I'm looking forward to vanguard personaly, I'm the visions whore and I've always thought the adventure of fun was in the journey not the big mob at the end. It looks like they might be trying to capture that.

As for the current two games coming out, I already wrote off warcraft I dont like the direction in art it took (though I know it keeps in line with the style of the warcraft universe) And eq2 is still up in the air I dont know if i could get into it or not, I dont have much free time lately so we'll see.

But I figure with everyone leaving the current gen of games it might make eq and stuff less packed, and I might be able to enjoy eq with less people.

Tular Nodrop
10-25-04, 10:37 PM
I have no real interest in WoW just because it's too cartoony for my tastes. I'll be buying EQ2 and if the higher level game is anything like the low level, quest-driven game then I will definately be putting some good hours into that game.

10-26-04, 01:16 AM
Do yourself a favor and don't buy EQ2 in the next 3-6 months, because you will be paying for a weak beta test then.

EQ2 is months away from being stable and bugfree enough for a release.

10-26-04, 03:04 AM
Do yourself a favor and don't buy EQ2 in the next 3-6 months, because you will be paying for a weak beta test then.

EQ2 is months away from being stable and bugfree enough for a release.

I don't mean to challenge you, but I really think EQ2 is stable enough for release. The client has never crashed on me and zone reset 2 or 3 times. But this is beta, the zone resets happened right after patches and we all know patches break things. The log in problem is anonying, but it shouldn't be hard to fix before release.

Now, if you ask me if EQ2 is a good or fun game, it is a totally different topic. But stability-wise, EQ2 is good enough.

Do all the people bash EQ2 really play EQ2 long enough to make those comments?

10-26-04, 05:25 AM
Yeah, EQ2 hasn't given me any problems bugwise except for a couple pathing glitches of fish. And my machine is a tad slow for it (Averaging 20 to 25 fps.

I lean towards Gyorg's comments. I feel comfortable in Norrath, even apocalyptic Norrath. It is by NO MEANS EQ 1, it's a completely different game. I hate to compare it to WoW but the new game engine is very similar... Chicken/Egg... it doesn't matter, both are entertaining to play but my historical perspectives and understanding of the world are far crisper in EQ2. I never played a Warcraft game prior to WoW.

10-26-04, 06:21 AM
I had very low expectations of EQ2, after SWG I had lost most of my faith in SOE. I have very high expectations of WoW. I have not played WoW yet, though what I read on boards from folks has me concerned that WoW won't live up to my expectations.

On the other hand, EQ2, in the 3 days I've been fooling around with the Beta has definately got one of the best noobie experiences in a game to date. They seem to have drawn a lot of inspiration from games like Final Fantasy XI, Earth and Beyond, with the original EQ being one of the heaviest influences.

Let's ignore the graphics, because quite frankly they are superb. Looking at the gameplay alone EQII presents itself to the new player as a quest centric game, zone based, care, detail and time spent on the content that is available. It makes the player aware that solo'ing is possible to to truly experience all of the content you will have to group. Classes have distinct roles and exposes players to some of the most basic abilities very early. No more waiting 20 levels to get key aspects of your class (anyone remember waiting 14 levels to get backstab in EQ? You'll have it in 3 or so in EQII).

While granted I have not left Qeynos nor Freeport yet so I can't speak to the stability of the rest of the world, what I have seen is nearly feature complete and very functional. The beta has grabbed ahold of me like I did not want it to, I'm desperate to play it but I don't feel like wasting time building up characters that will just get wiped. So I'm taking my time testing stuff in the new player experience, reporting bugs (most are just grammar issues, or differences between the spoken words for a quest and what goes into your journal). Also taking the chance to test each base class. I'm fairly positive I will go swashbuckler at release (Vestas always was a rogue!) but there are a lot of tempting choices.

You can't go wrong choosing EQ2, I thought perhaps EQ2 would be a poor game, but I was wrong. I'm willing to bet you can't go wrong choosing WoW either. At this point EQ2 would be my preference due to familiarity with the world, the content and general "makes me feel at home" ( I loooove the fact that the "ding!" is the same sound!). However, if you're a big Warcraft fan, WoW will probably do the same for you.

The other option is, go with what your friends will play. Nothing beats having friends to play with.

10-26-04, 08:47 AM
I've got a level 16 char / 20 crafter.

During the last week of playing, I've had about 50+ zone crashes, at least 10+ client crashes and about 20-30+ server crashes.

Some days, you'd be alternating between crashing the zone, logging back in, crashing the server, logging back in, 5 mins okay, repeat... for HOURS.

And it's not just me, but everyone.

Might be that the problems are just on the localized servers, but those are going online on the same day the US ones are, so the problems exist.

10-26-04, 08:50 AM
you really dont start to experience the bad gameplay till you start going out to Antonica/Commonlands where the lag is rich and the crashes are often. They started instancing these zones finally so it might make a big difference.

Slyy Daugg
10-26-04, 03:58 PM
Yeah, I'm waiting for Vanguard as well. I just keep playing Frozen Throne 'till then. Man is that game a blast, I truly can't get enough of it.


10-27-04, 12:41 AM
I was originally waiting on WoW but given the several month delay for Euro servers then I'm going to get EQ2 instead - I have a feeling it will just be a stop-gap until Vanguard though.

10-27-04, 12:44 AM
I've also experienced a few too many crashes to consider EQ2 release-ready just yet; but crashes aside it does attract me much more than WoW. I just couldn't get into the artistic style of the WoW world and characters, and I felt the combat system was overly complex. I could see players loving the style though and loving the game (it just isn't the game for me).

EQ2 has sucked me in much more than WoW. I like the combat system and I'm learning how to use 'heroic opportunities' properly. I also love the 'tradeskill combat' where you have to pay attention and use different skills to prevent an item from being ruined. Graphically it's superb, though those with even a mid range system may find it sluggish if they don't turn down the graphics quite a bit (EQ2 is the first game in a while that I've had to run in 1024x768, and I'm running a P4 2.8C, 1GB of PC3200, and a Radeon 9800 Pro). The cities both seem a touch claustrophobic in areas, which is actually a neat style and I believe accurate for a world trying to rebuild itself.

I really don't like the fact that I can't buff/heal anyone who's locked in combat though; in a MMOG that's supposed to bring people together that feature separates players. That's a big error in EQ2's play style in my mind, as part of playing a healing class is doing a 'drive-by' heal or buff just for the sake of helping someone else.

10-27-04, 01:51 AM
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash EQ2... I just think it's not ready for release by a few months.

I am pretty sure it will be a good game then, and will probably attract a large crowd of players with different playstyles than EQ1 caters.

10-27-04, 03:25 AM
Some days, you'd be alternating between crashing the zone, logging back in, crashing the server, logging back in, 5 mins okay, repeat... for HOURS.

And it's not just me, but everyone.

No, actually it must be just you. I play the beta alot and haven't experienced anything like that. Maybe I am just lucky. The game plays very smooth and stable for me and nearly the only crash has been when they take the game world down for maintenance and I didn't log out in time.

10-27-04, 03:50 AM
No, actually it must be just you.

No, it's not just me. How do I know? Pretty simple - listen to the cussing und bitching in all public chat channels after you log back in.

Once again - it might not be a problem on the US servers, but it sure is on the localized ones, and don't tell me "it's just you" if you aren't there.

10-27-04, 08:23 AM
How do you know you are on a localized server ? I could only choose between Beta1 and Beta2 (and now lately Beta3).....

Only ever got kicked from game once, so never saw a reason to not think game was stable in that aspect.


10-27-04, 09:16 AM
Localized are German and French servers - you cannot access them with US beta.

10-27-04, 09:40 AM

Are they hosting the localized version in the states or actually in France/Germany? If they're hosting them here that's a real good reason why folks from France/Germany would be having issues. They probably didn't write the code assuming transatlantic delays.

Not that it would be much consolotion to be told "Everything will be fine when we build out servers in your country". There are no garauntees but I sympathize with your frustration.

10-27-04, 11:33 AM
Are they hosting the localized version in the states or actually in France/Germany? If they're hosting them here that's a real good reason why folks from France/Germany would be having issues. They probably didn't write the code assuming transatlantic delays.

Hehe, sorry to burst your bubble, but the Internet doesn't differentiate between continents.

I've been playing on US servers for years, many different games - trust me, problems like that are NOT related to the location of the servers.

The only thing you might notice while crossing the ocean are slightly increased ping times (~200-300 instead of ~100-150)

10-27-04, 12:24 PM

Not bursting my bubble at all, I build and test distributed systems for a living :) There's a quote worth sharing here called "The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computring"

Essentially everyone, when they first build a distributed application, makes the following eight assumptions. All prove to be false in the long run and all cause big trouble and painful learning experiences.

1. The network is reliable.
2. Latency is zero
3. Bandwidth is infinite
4. The network is secure
5. Topology doesn't change
6. There is one administrator
7. Transport cost is zero
8. The network is homogeneous

In the case of transatlantic systems, the big ones are item 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8. While the internet could care less where you are (that's its whole point) the wires, cabaling and infrastructure systems do. You may realize that as increased ping times.

However those increased ping times can have a radical impact on the system relying on them. There is a reason Quake and Unreal players avoid servers with high ping times. It is theoretically possible that the designers of EQ II didn't realize the impact of a 300ms ping time between client and server vs. a 150 ms ping time. Or perhaps they did, but they did not consider it when most of the player base has it and not just a few. I've seen some crazy things in my time dealing with performance testing distributed internet based systems.

So it is possible that the distance/delay is wreaking havoc on their infrastructure. It's also just as likely that the localized code version has some bizarre bug in it. It's also possible that they just plopped those servers behind a bad set of routers. Yours is not the first complaint I've heard from the foreign players that EQ II is not stable. On the same hand many states bound players with good machines that know the difference between network lag/crashes vs fps issues or personal machine problems aren't reporting problems.

10-27-04, 12:25 PM
I should note that the above quote comes from Peter Deutsch :)

10-27-04, 12:56 PM
The last big crash day I had was the 16th of october. Over a 5 hour period the longest I managed to keep a character online was 20 minutes. That was a combination of instanced zones crashing, non-instanced zones crashing, and latency related disconnects. Since then, I haven't had any latency issues and only one zone drop.

(playing on beta 1 and beta 2 from a cable connection in san diego, for the record)

11-02-04, 10:07 PM
Well, i may be slightly off in my reasoning but i for one will probably go back to eq1 when both are out! WHY? some ask... simple, less people playing will mean more guilds recruiting, and easyer times getting in a group.

11-02-04, 10:48 PM
Okay, after the last patch I am pretty sure everyone will agree to my issues with server stability :p

Just reading the beta boards shows me how many ppl have had issues, not only after this last patch, but already before that.

11-03-04, 12:02 AM
I've been booted several times, a few times I've been unable to enter a city zone I was trying to get into, and once I was still actually in the zone, but wasn't connected with the server (couldn't click on anything, talk to anything, no players around, etc.).

In my mind the servers aren't quite ready yet, though they're not bad enough that I would cry doom and gloom for release.

11-03-04, 06:59 AM
I've been unable to enter a city zone I was trying to get into

Son of a....

I was trying to zone to East Freeport the other night and the door didn't "link/highlight" when I moused over it. I hailed the bajeezus out of the guardI figured there was some hidden quest for that section of the city and boogied down to the dock. Oddly enough East Freeport was on the mariner bell, I zoned over and crashed mid zone. :p I figured the crash was caused by me circumventing some non-existant quest.

This explains a lot.

11-03-04, 08:19 AM
Tradeskill instances and longshadow alley have been down for 26h counting on the German Beta Server...

There's a bunch of spells that will crash the zone for sure too,...

11-03-04, 08:34 AM
Beta1 has been crashing like every 3 minutes in many zones (lost Dluin to server backstab on entering NQ->Antonica :P) so that i played most of the evening on beta3, which seemed more stable at least in FP areas after the patch.

Many, many ingame agree that the stability is an issue and that the release is premature as it stands...

11-03-04, 02:08 PM
I dislike WoW because of the fanbase.. And if I'm already irritated with the people who play it out of the game, I could only imagine in it.
A lot of EQ2 threads I've tried to read were derailed by people reminding everyone how great WoW is.
(Not implying those threads were all here.)

11-06-04, 09:31 PM
I didn't care for WoW much.. at all...

EQ II holds all my interests right now

11-07-04, 09:33 AM
Have read many posts lately about EQ2 and WoW...

Fact is- WoW just isnt for me. Cartoony and just not what I am looking for in a game.

EQ2 was a fun beta run for me. More then I have had in a while. There were stability issues and lag WAS horrific at times ( with 100+ in a zone, would it be any different?) but on the whole, was a positive, fun filled time.

That being said, there were issues. But they may be addressed in release. PvP is the big one. There was none in Beta. BUT- The arena's WERE in the cities. Lead's me to believe that they have it in mind if not in place already but were more interested in player's learning and experiencing the enviroments and instances rather then seeing how many times <random player #3444> can win in a PvP enviroment. Patience is needed.

11-07-04, 01:45 PM
WoW is silly. Have you seen each race's dance? A headbanging zombie...disco'n humans, MC Hammer-ish orcs...c'mon! :D

11-07-04, 02:51 PM
That being said, there were issues. But they may be addressed in release. PvP is the big one. There was none in Beta. BUT- The arena's WERE in the cities. Lead's me to believe that they have it in mind if not in place already but were more interested in player's learning and experiencing the enviroments and instances rather then seeing how many times <random player #3444> can win in a PvP enviroment. Patience is needed.

The EQ2 devs have said - repeatedly - that they have no plans for PvP.

At all.

Not specific PvP servers, not arenas, not even duels.

11-07-04, 06:03 PM
they also said that you would have to have a key to get into Time. I believe that is changing soon too.

Nothing is ever written in stone....

11-07-04, 11:14 PM
they also said that you would have to have a key to get into Time. I believe that is changing soon too.

Nothing is ever written in stone....

Apples and oranges.

Flag issues are minor changes that don't require so much work.

Implementing a complete PvP system between players, with additional balancing work done between the classes, requires way more coding and work.

Most of us saw the result of a poorly planned - added in as an afterthought - PvP system: EQ1. PvP wasn't planned as a regular feature in EQ1 from the beginning, and even after 5 years the PvP system still has major issues - mostly balancing.

11-22-04, 11:42 PM
while the dances in WoW might be silly... you cant deny the greatness of the sexy gnome dance (hip thrusts and a$$ slapping galore).

Now onto comparison!

Talking just character models, the male humanoid (humans, night elves) models in WoW are too burly, a little disproportioned, and kind of ugly. But if one is to compare the female models I think that WoW takes the cake. Human females being an example, WoW's are much more proportional . Their forms are attractive yet realistic, whereas EQ II's just seem aquard and plastic-ish (silicon spherical breasts come to mind) to me. I cannot stand the EQII gnomes. I think they are lacking the silly charm that they once held (which WoW has reincarnated). Overall I feel that the WoW models are a little too cartoony, and the EQII models just look too much like plastic (has anyone seen the program "poser"? It looks like EQII's models were created with it)

As far as graphics go, it is definitely not the most important thing for me, however the noticable repeating textues in WoW bug the hell out of me. Overall, EQII's graphics look more appealing and impressive. While this refers more to the world's actualy environment than graphics, I love incredible variety of elevations in WoW's mountain areas that results in a realistic interesting landscape.

As far as gameplay goes, I can only speak for WoW (played open beta). I feel that WoW has enhanced good aspects of other mmo's while adressing all the problems. Take the stealther classes' combat invovlement from DAoC (as a fix for the auto-attack syndrome of EQ1) and make it about 10x more involving, take the crafting from UO (yet more casual, less time consuming, and possible to craft and harvest materials while adventuring, questing, or accomplishing other goals), and an awesome quest system (where quests are abundant, rewarding and..... omg! fun!) and you get WoW. The game also seems to have far more playability for the casual gamer (whereas I would be worried that EQII took on the same dreadful obligation and time-consumption that its prequel had). The logic behind EQ1 seemed to be to keep creating repetitive content and time consuming play only to keep the player playing instead of just creating a fun enjoyable game. I did not at any point in my playing experience feel that I would have to dedicate a huge chunk of time into accomplishing something (spending an hour looking for a group, either to have it dissolve shortly, or have it last and feel obligated to stay in it or else face the consequences of being groupless once again was, all too common for me in EQ1). The raiding I experienced was fast paced and exciting (whereas in EQ1 was a whole lot of waiting around and being bored only to feel only like measly DPS against boss mob). The downtime was NONEXISTANT. I cannot remember sitting for more than 5 seconds to regain health. The majority of the time I would be full health by the time I found something else to engage (which was not very long at all). If downtime was ever to become a problem there are a TON of inexpensive hp and mana regeneration items readily available to craft or purchase. It seems to me that WoW's Devs' goal was to create a FUN game rather than a time consuming, addictive one.

Everything above mentioned, the deciding factor for me is PvP. I played rallos zek all throughout my EQ days and it was plainly obvious that EQ was not designed for the pvp. Does EQII even have pvp servers? WoW's pvp (from what I experienced in beta) was fun and balanced and rogues actually work like I had always hoped that EQ would mold them to be.

Until i get a chance to play EQII though I'm not really sure which is a better game, but for now it's WoW.

11-23-04, 06:08 AM
I have the eq2 bug, almost like the early days of eq1 for me. Before eq2 was released I was having a great time in eq1 (just got new epic 1.5 in a casual guild, broke 10k hp buffed, lots of lofty goals being reached) and thought no other game could capture my interest. Im not a fan of betaing someone's product so I didnt do that, instead tried to keep my mind open for playing eq2 or wow when they released to see how they were.

Wife was anxious to play eq2 so we grabbed it when it released and both are having a great time, I still enjoy eq1 (guild is in elementals and was close to downing all the gods) but I really crave logging into eq2 and spending my time there. Ive only played evil so far and while the quests are nothing special after a while, they have a nice flavor and most have great stories and lines from the npc's. And there are zillions of them, one thing I never really enjoyed in eq1 was camping spots for xps (so I didnt do it much), this may change at higher levels where its more necessary, but so far I can still level at a good pace doing a mixture of quests and dungeon exploring.

Ive always been a huge researcher in eq1 and feel like I know a lot about the game, more than most, its strange being in a world again where I dont really know what my attack means (if its good or bad), I dont know exactly what path to take for my character or what equipment is the best for each slot at his level or where its found, its all experimentation and exploration, the level 10 assassinate quest was really nicely done, anxiously awaiting the 20 one. All new zones and content, awesome graphics, special moves, etc, reminds me very much of my early days in Kelethin and how easy it was to get lost in Greater Faydark, I thought the zone was endless.

I had heard horror stories and read posts about how eq2 wasnt ready for release and they were going to screw everything up again so I wasnt all that anxious to get into it. Boy, those people couldnt have been more wrong, while it maybe wasnt 100% ready (maybe you couldnt tell from beta), I can easily live with what wasnt ready and would say it was at least around 98% ready. Wife has been booted from the game twice I think for patches, she plays a tad bit more than me and has pretty much left eq1, but I havent been booted yet for any reason, the game is very stable.

Im having so much fun in eq2 and after seeing the character models in WoW and being unimpressed and I dont much care for the idea of guns in a fantasy setting (...and for the most part, I could care less about pvp), Im not even going to try WoW (Im sure this is what Sony was after since they released it slightly before the competition - very smart move). Too many fun things in eq2 to have time to spend in another world, especially since Im still spending some time in eq1.

11-23-04, 07:25 AM
... and the EQII models just look too much like plastic (has anyone seen the program "poser"? It looks like EQII's models were created with it)

You can't model in Poser. ;) Apparently you've never seen a Poser render by someone who actually knows how to use the Firefly engine and how to use the materials properly. EQ2 would be better off to have good Poser output. :p (and yes, I know how you meant the comment and I'm kinda teasing back )

My DAoC guild is moving to WoW. I had plans to but honestly the graphic style turns me off. You think the EQ2 models are ugly? Sorry, but they are just fine compared to the craptacular Undead female models that I'd have been stuck with if I played that game. (guild voted to go Horde)

I bought EQ2 on a whim and am loving it so far. Stability has been decent-I've had only one problem so far. The crafting system is actually fun, combat can be more than just hitting auto attack, and the quests are good-not all are just killing mobs. I actually got to sneak around and steal something as part of my class quest.

I didn't play WoW beta, so I can't comment on gameplay there, I just know that I hate the graphic style. I thought I'd miss PvP, but so far the PvE in EQ2 has been interesting enough that I'm not mourning the loss of the experience of having some random Battlenet idiot kill my newb character while spamming 'pwned j00r @zz'. I also won't miss all the drama of the so-called 'leet' PvP guilds that play every new game for 2 months, 'own' while they're significantly higher level than everyone else, and then quit just as soon as other people catch up in level and they have to face opponents on more equal terms. But that's just me. :)

Slyy Daugg
11-23-04, 07:31 AM
My wife and I agree with you and your wife, dugannw. I was all about WoW until Sony beat them to the punch on release, and I just couldn't resist taking a gander. ShadowCross' posts about game stability, bugs and the like had me worried, because I really respect his opinion. But I must say, he was dead wrong.

I've been a SoE hater for a long time, and when I saw it on the game shelf I just stood there for probably a good 10 minutes, trying to shake temptation. "I can hold out for WoW," I told myself. When I finally caved in and took it home, a part off me was almost hoping the game would suck and be riddled with bugs, zone crashes, etc, because deep down I wish SoE would die like a fat pig.

When I started playing, I kept a straight face. I guess you could say my first few hours with EQ2 were cynical. I refused to let myself be too impressed with the flashy graphics. When I hit my infravision spell, and the screen went black, I was like "ha!" and then I noticed these strange glowing objects -- NPC's and PC's giving off heat -- infravision was like heat vision, and I started becoming impressed against my will.

A week later of hardcore family play, my wife and I are both smiling, a little embarassed, because we have to admit, this game rocks hard...


11-23-04, 10:09 AM
It's been unusually fun. Here I am, all set to hate the game and it turns out to be fun. It's just not fair! Especially since I never meant to buy it and think some chemicals were employed to make me buy it. So here I am about a week or so later staying up till 7-8am to finish that one last quest. My quest journal keeps getting filled and I keep trying to clear the damned thing and it's driving me nuts, but in a good way.

There's bugs to be sure, tracking for instance kept showing me to a quest NPC that simply was not there, I've seen quests get cleared without reward given and so on. But truth is for the most part this game seems less buggy than EQ was at release. Also I do like one thing in EQ2 over what I saw in WoW open, the newbie hunting zones are instanced. Finding things to kill for my quests was something of a hassle in WoW for me. However it would have been nice if they'd have made some of the more populated city zones instanced as well since the graphics load in the more popular areas of NQeynos for instance can get quite heavy. But that's less of an issue since there's no hostile creatures there.

However there are also some things from WoW that EQ2 could have used, or even from EQ1. Maps in dungeon zones would have been nice, EQ1 style. Sorting quests by what zone they are done in, like I have 6 quests in Antonica but I have to go through all 50 quests I have to see which ones they are and what they want me to do. Be nice if I could pick a 'to do in this zone' tab to see which ones take place there. Also be nice if they specified whether they're intended with or without group, some are absurdly easy while others are tough as nails, and both con the same. Very disappointed that you can't store stuff in your appartment, or sell while offline. Those are two things they have done in a previous title so you'd have thought they'd have it in this one. With a tradeskill system as advanced as this I would have thought they'd have a more advanced selling system than EQ1 as well.

11-23-04, 10:23 AM
There's bugs to be sure, tracking for instance kept showing me to a quest NPC that simply was not there

Actually, I think the NPC is there but spawned underground or in some other unreachable place (which is a bug, but I think tracking is actually correct in listing the NPC, it just can't find them because they are screwed up). I've seen this happen in the Wailing Caves with one of the named orcs.

11-23-04, 01:23 PM
I must admit, I didn't want to play EQ2. The release date was very close to the end of my semester and I feared that I would get sucked into the game and put off school work.

And I was right.

God I hate SoE, but I Luuuuuvvvvvvvv EQ2.

I'm so weak :banghead

11-23-04, 02:25 PM
You're right, that's what I meant. I remembered the NPC being in the spot tracking lead me to because she was the only one on that ledge (this was in Qeynos North as I recall) but get there and no NPC. Had the same problem for a lot of the sharks on IoR too, and boy, is it annoying when all the mobs for a certain quest are inaccessible. Something they're seriously going to have to do something about.

Oh I did have a great "FINALLY!" moment in the game last night with a certain someone's grave. Too bad the bitch couldn't have the decency to just frigging stay dead already! :( Now gotta go, I have some bears that need killing in retaliation hehe.