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11-01-04, 06:40 AM
Somehow, during a radio call in show interviewing Michael Powell, the head of the FCC, Howard Stern managed to get through. I haven't heard the broadcast myself, but people who have listened to the tape say that Powell was stunned that Stern managed to get through to berate him. I'm sure the FCC will find a way to fine Stern again for this.

Colin Powell Defends Son as FCC Chairman; [HOME EDITION]
Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif.: Oct 28, 2004. pg. C.6

Foul-mouthed radio personality Howard Stern has another Powell to reckon with: Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

The nation's top diplomat came to the defense of his son, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K. Powell, after Stern said the younger Powell got the job only because of his family name. Colin Powell labeled the accusation "just so much nonsense."

"My son is an enormously qualified individual, and I think he has served -- if I may say so as a father and as a not-so-distant observer -- with great distinction," Powell said Wednesday in an interview with CNBC.

Stern's raunchy radio show has brought repeated fines by the FCC, and the shock jock routinely rails against what he says is the Bush administration's desire to use the FCC to stifle free speech on radio and TV.

Stern made a surprise call to KGO-AM radio in San Francisco while Michael Powell was a studio guest Tuesday.

"How did you get your job?" Stern asked. "It is apparent to most of us in broadcasting that your father got you your job, and you kind of sit there and you're the judge, you're the arbiter, you're the one who tells us what we can and can't say on the air."

Stern added, "I really don't even think you're qualified to be the head of the commission."

Powell responded, "I think it's a cheap shot to say just because my father is famous, I don't belong in my position."

Powell, a Republican, was appointed to the commission by President Clinton in 1997 and became chairman when President Bush took office in 2001. Powell denied Stern's charge and listed his qualifications, saying he is an attorney and was chief of staff of the Justice Department's Antitrust Division.

Colin Powell noted that his son became a commissioner of the FCC "long before I became secretary of State. For all I know, he might have had some influence in getting me to become secretary of State."

11-01-04, 08:28 AM
People listen to Stern?

11-01-04, 10:08 AM
You'd be surprised at how many do.

Stern is rather interesting. I think it's a cheapshot to call him "foul-mouthed," because it gives a rather negative connotation--sure, he uses profanity, but so what these days? That's not many points against him. Generally, he's incredibly intelligent.

He is, however, a little bit of a 10-year-old sometimes, responding to fines with "Neener, neener, you only got your job because of daddy," and crying out about free speech. The FCC can get a little extreme sometimes, though, so I empathize a bit.

I don't think I really agree with this stunt though--calling up to mudsling on the air isn't going far in the PR department.

11-01-04, 10:42 AM
He wont have to worry about the FCC in a few years, he's moving to sirius satellite radio in 2k6. I know this because, I hear a ****ing commercial for it every 20 minutes on "Commercial Free" Sirius. God damned Melon Farmers!!

I am sick and ****ing tired of hearing about how the "king of all media" is ****ing coming to Sirius in over a year. ****! Stern's show is crap these days, and even if it wasn't there is no good reason for Sirius to suck his **** a year before he even arrives. Maybe, it's in a contract, I dunno, but it's ****ing annoying. I dont want to listen to some **** face DJ tell me how great some other more famous more **** faced DJ is. I want my "Commerical Free" music.

While I'm on the subject of Satellite radio, why the **** are there commericals on the comedy station? I suppose commercials on a talk show make sense, talking for 5 hours straight could be rough, but it's ****ing comedy segments, just play em back to back. And for Cristsake! They aren't even good commercials. I could make superior ads by putting a microphone near my ass and dancing the Cha Cha slide while I listen to the techno remix of "Copacabana" playing backwards.
The worst part is that the only things they sell are hair regrowth systems, diet pills, and radar detectors, none of which I have any reason to buy.

And even if I did need to grow hair or lose weight the commercials won't help me. Why, because the products are usually labeled as "all natural, homeopathic medicines"; hopeopathic means they dont ****ing work. I don't have anything against all natural, but homeopathic "medicine" is the biggest hock of **** ever. The concept of it can be contorted to include the concept of vaccines, but in actuallity, NO homeopathy is ****ing worthless. What is homeopathy you ask? Oh... you didn't ask? Well bugger off then, 'cause I'm going to explain it anyhow. Homeopathy is a way of treating a disease by creating a drug with very minute quanities of ingredients, that if used in larger quanties would cause the symtoms of said disease to manifest in the patient. Some of you might say, wow! That's how vaccines work! But Homeopathy isnt a vaccine it's a treatment. So here's the logic:

Scientist: Well other scientist, we've learned that the body chemical DHT is the leading cause of male pattern baldness and that too much food is what makes people overweight. So we've got to figure out a way to stop production of DHT and get people to eat less food. I'll get started on complex chemical and mathmatic equations!

Other scientist: No need for that, I've got it! We'll give bald people a drug with MORE DHT, but only a small amout more to CURE hair loss. And we'll give fat people a drug with an itty bitty little bit of fat in it to make them be LESS fat! It makes perfect ****ing sense. BRILLIANT!

Scientist: BRILLIA- Wait.... that makes no ****ing sense. Jesus H. Christ! youre a bloody ****ing moron. Maybe we can cure your brain damage by giving you just an itty bitty bit MORE brain damage!
Other Scientist: BRILLIANT! I'll call marketing.

11-01-04, 10:55 AM
Injijo, that's not exactly how homeopathy works. In many cases, it does work.

Homeopathy works by stimulating a positive response that is more powerful than the negative trigger that caused it. You know how your parents and doctors and everybody has been telling you that Vitamin C helps make your immune system stronger? Homeopathic response.

Basically, if a dose of a damaging chemical is given to the body, the body responds by working harder and devoting more energy to the system being damaged. If the dose is sufficiently small, the damage done is actually smaller than the resulting growth, so the end result of the dosage is a positive rather than a negative. This can be represented by a u-shaped graph. If you plot dosage along the x-axis and damage done along the y-axis, what happens is that as you increase dosage from zero, damage done actually drops down (indicating a positive result) until a certain point, then starts to rise until it crosses zero and continues rising (indicating a negative result).

One of the simplest and most readily duplicated experiments demonstrating the homeopathic response involves three batches of plants and some weed killer. One batch gets no weed killer (water), another batch gets weed killer, and the third gets a diluted weed killer. This test has shown, time and again, that while the weed killer will kill the plants or make them quite diminutive, if the diluted solution is diluted a certain amount, the plants will grow taller and thicker than the plants receiving no weed killer.

Many people have heard that drinking one to two glasses of red wine a day can greatly decrease risk of heart disease. This is a homeopathic response. Drinking ten glasses of red wine a day does a great deal of damage to the body, but drinking only one is actually quite healthy.

In fact, data suggests that the body may even show homeopathic responses to radioactivity. People that were a certain range from the blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki actually had LESS cancer in the long run than people that have been exposed to no mentionable radiation.

The homeopathic response is an incredibly interesting part of biology and has a great deal of medicinal potential. It cannot, however, be used in every case, as you have mentioned. There are certain cases where it does work, such as with many antioxidants (vitamin c and the alcohol in red wine, for instance). It deserves attention, in any case.

Oh, and vaccination does not operate on the homeopathic principle. It appears to be similar, but actually has nothing to do with homeopathy. Vaccinations work simply by triggering the immune system to manufacture antibodies.

11-01-04, 02:08 PM
Thank you for the insight Trolo. My old biology professor is a (self-proclaimed) expert on Homeopathy with several published writings on the subject. We spent a maybe 4 classes on the topic of homeopathy and how it's crap. She did cite many situations where it seems to be valid, like the wine and the weed example you mentioned, but said that overall the concept is flawed. She said that the situations only seem to validate homeopathy. But in actuality the situations themselves have unique variables that are actually causing the response, which apparantly her book proves or attempts to prove. I never read it though; she was boring.

Also, I was attempting to show that vaccinations and homeopathy are not even remotely the same thing, it's just an argument many people make to me when the conversation comes up.

Seanie Connerie
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lol, worst hijack ever!

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Oh Come on! The boring subject of Homeopathy is far more interesting then the extremely interesting Howard stern! Au contraire, this is the greatest hijacking of all time! Hiya-Hijack!

clang clang

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the greatest hijack of a thread ever clearly started after the question was asked: 'Can somebody help me cetner my sig ack damn keyboard'

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I wonder if anybody else looked at the thread title and got the mental image of Howard Stern jumping out of the bushes and tackling somebody.

"Augh! It's Howard Stern! Run!"

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No Lenilya, I beg to differ. That hijacking is indeed the worst hijacking ever.