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Glip the Gnome
10-20-05, 09:35 AM

MTV reports Van Halen ready for CBS
Los Angeles | October 20, 2005 12:01:13 AM IST

If CBS brings back its successful Rock Star: INXS for a second season, rumor has it the next band in line is California's Van Halen.

This summer's inaugural season was a ratings winner for CBS and a reputation enhancer for reality TV producer Mark Burnett -- and it gave INXS a new singer, a new hit single, an upcoming album and a world tour.

CBS has remained hush-hush on whether Rock Star will return next summer, but MTV reports if it does, look for Eddie and Alex Van Halen along with bassist Michael Anthony in the judges' chairs originally filed by INXS.

A band rep refused to comment on the report given to MTV by a source close to the show.

Van Halen certainly fits the mold -- a former rock 'n' roll powerhouse that has been floundering without a frontman since the departures of David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone.

It would be superbadass if Van Halen were on primetime TV 2 nights a week, and it would be even more superbadass if they had a whole band (and were putting out albums) again... but that leads me to the not-so-superbadass part. I just saw Sammy Hagar tour with them last summer, what the heck happened to that!? I thought they were back together :(

Why can't everybody just get along!

10-20-05, 10:08 AM
I'm not a big TV person, but I *love* pop/rock music! I really enjoyed Rock Star: INXS, even if they did choose the wrong guy!

I'd be very happy to see them do another season with any band, if for no other reason than to see all the new singers perform!


10-20-05, 01:03 PM
Van Halen is one of those bands that survived the 80s and barely survived the 90s.

I think we can ALL say that with DLR as their front man, they were at their best. Sammy Hagar was no slouch, but DLR was just a little bit better in terms of showmanship.

If they are scrapped for cash they should just bite the bullet and get back with Dave again. If they want to make less money, but still make good music, then they should get back with Sammy.

If they want to cheese it up again (Extreme guy) then they should do this. If the band actually plays (Eddie and Alex et all) then I will watch the show. But if they just sit around and judge people, nah...I ll pass.

I'd rather remember my favorite band from the 80s the way we all like to remember them. Swing from a cable with a beer in hand and wearing parachute pants.


Glip the Gnome
10-20-05, 01:18 PM

Van Halen Will Not Be The Next 'Rock Star' Band
10.20.2005 1:50 PM EDT

Group denies any involvement in the show.
Van Halen
Photo: Kevin Westenberg

Van Halen will not be taking INXS' lead by participating in a possible second season of the reality television series "Rock Star," according to the band's spokesperson.

MTV News erroneously reported Wednesday that a source close to the

program claimed that if "Rock Star" does return for a second season, that the core Van Halen trio Michael Anthony and brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen would be the band auditioning potential singers. The band flatly denies any involvement in the show.

MTV News had also previously reported that a spokesperson for Van Halen said the band had no comment regarding pending projects. However, that spokesperson was never asked specific questions regarding the group's hypothetical involvement with the "Rock Star" show; MTV News regrets the oversight.

Van Halen had been the subject of recent speculation concerning potential "Rock Star" second-season bands. The same rumors swirled about Alice in Chains, but a spokesperson for guitarist Jerry Cantrell scoffed at the notion the band would even consider appearing on the show.

False alarm! Everyone can go back to their regularly scheduled business now.