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EZ_Sillis Spineslicer
12-03-02, 01:32 PM
Finally, no more pansy we have to save the world because, well, it is what we do crap. Demons, Devils, sacrifices, evil specialty classes, evil artifacts, possessions, all kinds of goodies.

They even have rules for torture and execution methods (and what happens if you botch, aka fail your Profession: Execution roll *evil grin*).

Yes, this is a 3E D&D book. Monte Cook wrote it and it even has a Warning: Content intended for mature audiences only sticker on it.

I was surprised when I saw this in the local bookstore. I was happy (?) when I saw stats for all the old favorites (Demogorgon, Orcus, etc).

I have only scanned it, but it looks like it was a worthwhile purchase to actually flesh out some bad guys. Thank you for taking the kid gloves off a book for a change WoTC. I mean, I do not want EVERY book to be like this, but at least have some that are aimed for the mature audience thank you.


12-03-02, 02:13 PM
It does kick ass, doesn't it. We had started an Evil campaign a few weeks before it came out, it is a great resource.

EZ_Lady Kaylan
12-03-02, 06:03 PM
Mentioned this in the other thread on the Book of Vile Darkness, but I work for WoTC and we have to card everyone we sell it to, no joke. 18 or over only!

I'm slowly reading throught it during 'slow' times at work and it's great stuff. I particularly like the Lich Love feat Cranberries - Monk - Ayonae Ro
Raspberries - Druid - Druzzil Ro
Kaleidoscope - Rogue - Druzzil Ro

12-03-02, 08:05 PM
Lich Love?

I can almost hear the funk playing in the graveyards... Edited by: Krimzan at: 12/3/02 10:05:13 pm

12-04-02, 11:32 AM
funny thing is that, according to monte, wotc actually considered this book slightly toned DOWN to what they'd originally wanted. pretty scary :P

also check out monte's site for a lot of other stuff. I personally can't wait for the unearthed arcana book - be interesting what kind of classes and races he kicks out. he also writes cool updates about his two gaming groups in his own world, ptolus. neat reading about the major d20/d&d developers and the characters they play each week.