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09-09-07, 09:12 AM
I was perusing the Broker today, and noticed that many effects replace the continental effect (Thestran, Kojan, or Qalian styles) and some don't. So I went through and made a list. Then of course it expanded into something a bit larger, a catalog of all said effects.

This is not a complete list, but it's what is reasonably common on my server. I'll be adding more to the list as I get more information and/or as people add it to the thread.

Replaces Continental Effect:

Mark of the Assassin "of the Marked" (% chance on hit to Increase chance to crit casters target by x% for yy sec)
Gladiator's/Assassin's Precision "of Precision" (% chance to increase accuracy by xx% for yy sec)
Maddening "of Enraging" (% chance on hit to increase damage for x attacks or yy sec & decrease Gift of Might "of Might" (% chance to increase all attributes by xx for yy seconds)
Revenge "of Revenge" (% chance on being hit to Damage up to x targets in front of the wearer)
Arcane Quills/Spikes "of Arcane Spikes" (% chance to increase Arcane damage shield for xx sec)


Arcane Gift "of Energy" (+xx energy , +y Energy Regen)
Boon of Health "of Health" (incoming heals are xx% more effective on the wearer)
Sage's Conservation "of Sage's Conservation" (% chance to decrease mana cost of the next x spells by yy%)
Spectral Embrace "of the Specter" (% chance to increase all resistances by xx for yy sec)
mitigation for x attacks or yy sec)
Touch of Winds "of the Winds" (% chance on hit to heal group members when caster is struck in combat)

Does NOT Replace Continental Effect:

Jagged "Critical Hit Chance %" (goes on secondary item during combine, any armor piece)
Accuracy "Melee Accuracy Rating %" (gloves, dagger, longsword, )
Sniper "Ranged Accuracy Rating %" (helmet, gloves, shortsword, axe, crossbow)
Avoidance "Melee Evasion Rating %" (chest, shoulders, arms, cloak, earring)
Elusion "Dodge" (legs, boots, arms)
Defense "Block, Parry, Dodge" (all jewelry , cloak)
Parrying "Parry" (all jewelry, longsword)
Recovery "Endurance Regeneration" (not sure on pieces yet)
Armor (ac increase, helmet, arms, shoulder, gloves, bracer, waist, boots)
Physical Absorption "Melee Mitigation Rating %" (Overlay? head, shoulders, chest, waist - might not be medium armor)
Regeneration "Health Regeneration" (legs, boots, arms)
Celerity "Melee Haste" (waist, boots, wrist)
Shadows "Sneak" (cloak)
Concealment "Hide" (cloak)
Shielding/Warding (specified absorptions, goes on secondary item during combine, any armor piece)


Hexes "Healing Focus"
Alteration "+ Alteration skill" (this is the same for conj/evoc/etc)
Mystical Alacrity "Spell Haste"
Sorcery "Critical Spell Hit Rating %"
Absorption "Spell Mitigation Rating %" (helmet, shoulders)
Acuity "Combat Awareness"
Countering "Counterspelling"
Tactical "Tactic Recognition"
Enduring? "Spell Evasion" (seen on cloaks)
Renewal "Energy Regeneration"
Insight "Spell Identification"
Rage "Critical Melee Hit Rating %" (plate armor only)

Opinion of "best" armor seen so far: Flawless/Superior Cavalier's Jagged .... (STR, DEX, VIT, Critical Hit Chance %, Thestran Style for Accuracy)

And some additional info that I haven't personally verified, but probably belongs here:

Resonating Crystals:

Accuracy - Melee Accuracy Bonus
Agony - Spell Proc Sageís Agony (Increases spell damage for a number of spell casts)
Alertness - Combat Awareness Skill Bonus
Alteration - Alteration Skill Bonus
Armor - Armor
Arcane Spikes - Armor Proc Arcane Spikes (Surrounds caster in a damage shield of arcane energy)
Assassin - Ranged Critical Bonus
Avoidance - Melee Evasion Bonus
Blocking - Blocking Skill
Celerity - Melee Haste
Certainty - Aim Time
Combustion - Weapon Proc Combustion (Chance to deal fire damage when target is hit)
Concealment - Hide Skill Bonus
Concentration - Spell Accuracy Bonus
Conservation - Ability Cost Reduction
Conjuration - Conjuration Skill Bonus
Countering - Counter Skill
Dark Venom - Weapon Proc Dark Venom (Causes poison damage to target over a span of seconds)
Defense - Parry, Dodge and Block Bonus
Deflection - Activated Proc Ricochet (Strikes multiple targets in front of caster)
Divergence - Parry Skill
Elusion - Dodge Skill Bonus
Energy - Arcane Gift (Adds energy regen and increases your energy pool)
Enraging* - Spell Mitigation Bonus
Enraging* - Armor Proc Enraging (Increases melee damage and lowers melee mitigation of caster)
Earthís Touch - Weapon Proc Touch of Earth (Damages target and reduces movement speed)
Evocation - Evocation Skill Bonus
Evoker - Spell Damage Bonus
Frost - Weapon Proc Frost (Slows targets attack speed and does cold damage)
Focus - Weapon Proc Sagely Focus (Decreases casting)
Healing Dispersion - Spell Proc Healing Dispersion (Chance to heal group when spell is cast)
Hexes - Heal or Nuke Focus
Health - Boon of Health (Increases the effectiveness of heals cast on you)
Intensity - Weapon Proc Sageís Amplification (Increases spell damage for the next few spell casts)
Jagged Spikes - Shield Effect (Jagged Spikes)
Justice - Weapon Proc Justice (Increases AC of caster and chance to crit target)
Justiceís Voice - Weapon Proc Voice of Justice (Increases AC of caster, chance to crit target and has chance to increase group AC)
Knowledge - Spell Identification Skill
Marksman - Ranged Damage Bonus
Mastery - Weapon Skill Bonus
Might - Spell Proc Gift of Might (Increases all attributes for 15 seconds)
Mystical Alacrity - Spell Haste
Painful Dispersion - Spell Proc Pain Dispersion (Chance to add splash damage to spell resolve)
Perfection - Accuracy Bonus
Physical Absorption - Melee Mitigation Bonus
Precision - Activated Proc Precision (Increases spell and melee accuracy)
Rage - Melee Critical Bonus
Recovery - Endurance Regen
Regeneration - Hit Point Regen
Renewal - Energy Regen
Retaliation - Offhand Effect (Retaliation)
Revenge - Activated Proc Revenge (Strikes multiple targets in front of caster)
Sageís Preservation - Armor Proc Sageís Preservation (Decreases mana cost of next 2 spellís)
Shadows - Stealth Skill
Sniper - Ranged Accuracy Bonus
Sorcery - Spell Critical Bonus
Souls - Weapon Proc Soullink (Drains life from target and returns some to caster)
Spectral Protection - Activated Proc Spectral Protection (Increases all resistances for a few seconds)
Speed - Weapon Speed Decrease (Supposed to be increase?)
Spell Absorption - Spell Mitigation Bonus
Spell Protection - Resist All Bonus
Striking - Weapon Damage
Vengeance - Spell Proc Sageís Revenge (Increases chance to land crit with spells)
Warding - Spell Evasion Bonus
Weakening - Weapon Proc Enfeeble (Decreases all of the targetís resistances and ability to dodge)
Winds - Armor Proc Touch of Winds (Chance to heal group)

Focusing Crystals:

Alertness - Combat Awareness Skill Bonus
Arcane Resistance - Arcane Resistances Increased
Awareness - Awareness Skill Bonus
Blocking - Block
Conservation - Cost Reduction All
Countering - Countering Skill Bonus
Divergence - Parry Skill
Elusion - Dodge Bonus
Healing - Heal Focus
Knowledge - Spell Identification Skill
Pain - Critical Bonus All
Physical Resistance - Physical Resistances Increased
Power - Damage Bonus All
Reason - Intelligence and Wisdom
Recovery - Endurance Regen
Regeneration - Hit Point Regen
Renewal - Energy Regen
Tactics - Tactic Recognition Skill
Vigilance - Strength, Dexterity
Wizardry - Alteration, Conjuration and Evocation

Attuning Crystals:

Catalyst Type - Description of Enhancement
Arcane - Adds Arcane
Brawn - Adds Dexterity, Constitution and Strength
Brilliance - Adds Intelligence, Wisdom and Vitality
Cerebral - Adds Cerebral
Energy - Adds Energy
Fire - Adds Fire
Healing - Adds Healing Focus
Health - Adds Hit Points
Hexes - Adds Healing and Spell Focus
Ice - Adds Ice
Power - Adds Power
Reverence - Adds Vitality, Constitution and Strength
Spirits - Adds Spirits
Substance - Adds Substance
Veneration - Adds Strength, Dexterity and Vitality
Vigilant - Adds Constitution, Dexterity and Vitality
Vision - Adds Wisdom, Vitality and Constitution