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03-16-09, 10:34 AM
So this show started last night on NBC and my roommates and I decided to give it a chance because we loved Ian McShane in Deadwood so much that he alone made the decision to watch it.

I thought the pilot was surprisingly predictable and that the dialogue was lacking depth (unless it was just the poor delivery from anyone except for McShane and the Reverand on the show). I thought the other actors were overly mediocre. Storywise, my roommate told me it's based on the story of david vs goliath (hence the main character David taking out a Goliath tank in the early part of the episode. Wow, they went deep with that one), and while there is mention of god, I didn't think it got too religious. I think it has potential and I'll probably give it another couple of episodes. It didn't suck me in like other shows, but it didn't bore me either. On a tangent, but what is with NBC promoing future parts of the episode currently being watched before the show goes to commercial? Do they really think people are going to skip out on the show and not come back (no faith from NBC i guess). I like that it is filmed in NYC and was definitely able to place a bunch of filming locations which helps to retain my interest since I live here.

Anyone else watch the premiere last night? What'd you think?

03-16-09, 11:00 AM
Ya, I actually enjoyed it a good bit. The acting wasn't great but, as far as your usual tv fare goes, it was pretty average. I'm a little disappointed in that I was expecting a show full of political intrigue and and maneuvering, which it might still end up giving us, but last night's premiere was just a "hick goes to the big city" story when it comes down to it.

Actually, come to think of it, what might have made ALL the acting in the show seem worse than it was was the second invasion and the white flag speech. It had the potential to be a really, really powerful scene; instead, it was delivered poorly, which wouldn't have been an issue had the speech itself not been utter ****. However,I was still disappointed that it even worked. Honestly, it would have made the show great off the bat if (a) the white-flag speech didn't sound like it was written and orated by a high school drama student and (b) if the captain had been shot (not actually killed) and shown to be incapable of stopping the titanic forces of war. I'm hoping the reason they wrapped that all up was so they could set up the conflict between the usurping son, the conniving brother-in-law and the potential hero-king; I do think just the war itself could have given a wonderful setting for a good first season, though.

Also, I thought the David and Goliath was nothing more than a play on words in the beginning of the episode. If it wasn't....*sigh* well, I guess I should prepare myself for disappointment. It got pretty religious, though, toward the end. Did you catch the closing shot? I mean, it would have been one thing if they gently implied the whole "God's chosen king" aspect....instead, they take a mallet to your front teeth with it. It has potential as a setting, it just needs to rise above the shitty writing, the shitty delivery and the shitty current plot line.

I realized that I said I enjoyed it quite a bit and then **** all over it for a full post. I should make it clear that I do, in fact, think it has great potential as a setting. The setting itself made me enjoy it and some of the cinematography was beautiful (is it even called that when used in television?). That's the reason the white-flag speech pissed me off so much; they had prepared this wonderful scene and then let their writers poop out the nonsense that got awkwardly thrown at the viewers' faces by the poor acting.

03-16-09, 11:10 AM
I hate this show already. If only because of their repeated ad buys on Slacker Radio that continued after the show aired.


Didn't watch it though :zipit

03-16-09, 12:05 PM
i wont watch it...end of statement

03-16-09, 04:49 PM
I saw the premiere. It was okay. There were some parts that I thought were interesting, usually when the Reverend was on scene, and others that I thought were too heavy handed (white flag speech, the ending w/ the butterflies - which I liked when they were just fluttering around him, but the actual crown was over the top).

All in all, it has potential, but as for a 2 hour premiere, it was lacking anything to really draw me in. I also really hated the previews during the commercials because they generally showed the best part of the next segment.

03-16-09, 07:46 PM
I liked the setting as well. I think its an intersting thing to consider how exactly a monarchy would work in this modern world. My buddy and I kept trying to figure out how the whole government worked, lol.

I also hope that if they keep the religion thing in, that they dont make it a sort of christian advertisement show and more of just a good look at how a government and religion inter-act (like in the middle ages with the Pope and such).

I liked it overall, but the "white flag" scene did seem to really cause us to just start talking. I think that is the problem with a scene like that. If you build up this dramatic moment, and it falls flat, people immediately start talking about other things and don't pay attention. But if its amazing...then no one stops talking about it. lol.

If the previous post does not make sense, many apologies, its late and I am just getting over the flu.

04-03-09, 09:58 AM
Ok, I finally got around to watching this, by the time I did there was episode 2 out of it so checked that out too. Interesting premise, I can see how they're trying to cash in on the BSG type of dealie as far as setup is concerned. The writing seems seriously uneven, at times you want to know more, and at times you just want them to please stop speaking because they're ruining it. I like the premise, and in some ways I can excuse the horrible unevenness of the writing since it's two episodes so far. Hm, I'm not really sure whether I like this show so far or not, and I'm usually very quick to decide these things. There's just something in there so far that's juuuust shy of it really clicking for me, and I don't think this is gonna be the type of show I could like halfways past 3-4 more episodes.

Oh yeah and totally agree on the white flag scene, good grief that was bad. I mean I was partly prepared thanks to you guys but yikes, it was worse than I anticipated.

04-03-09, 01:04 PM
It is a good a show. I don't think its great. Needs more space to be a great opera!