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03-11-04, 06:08 AM
Looking for a lil' AA and gear guidance if possible:


Everything is current aside from unassigned AA's which is actually at 4. He hasn't been played lately due to a lil' break.

Raiding outlook: My guild is now doing tier 2 gods, but is still doing flagging on tier 1 level and also BoT towers. We killed Nadox Inny to death so thats sorta out of the picture. The crew I raid with knows what they're doing and has often "done the improbable" for a non-raiding guild. We're also just now starting NToV. I doubt that we'll be hitting VT/ST or much of Ssra because of how long it takes to get people keyed. (Which IMO really SUCKS, but oh well).

Cash on hand is about 20k.

I know practically nothing about GoD, I started my lil' break before it came out and just got back to playing this week.

Any other raiding ideas would be welcomed too.

*EDIT* I updated my Magelo, but for some reason about 30 of my AA's aren't being recorded. From memory: RS3, Regen3, Metabolism3, CF1, CS1, ND2, Escape, SoS, Nimble Evasion5, Ambidex, Chaotic Stab. Edited by: Koer at: 3/11/04 9:04 pm

03-11-04, 06:24 AM
For AAs, I would recommend Ferocity, finish up ND and get PE first, hastened stealth is also nice, and those should keep you busy at least for a short while.

Another good target like BoT bosses is Xanamech (both fantastic risk vs reward). You might even find some decent upgrades from Mujaki in Plane of Nightmares.

We found after hitting PoP that the upgrades in NToV werent worth the effort, so after going there a grand total of 3 times and never even finishing it up, we left. We also skipped VT and have had a couple of raids on ST (mostly for fun).

edit-wierd, I saw your other aa's yesterday, but when you added the new ones, I only see those now. Marauder Snowblind, Barbarian Deceiver
Elder Dugann, Barbarian ProhphetEdited by: dugannw at: 3/12/04 5:15 am