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03-27-04, 05:21 PM
After downloading the new patch i noticed a couple things but was just making sure i am the only one with these problems.
My screen was really dark when I logged in so I had to play with the gamma. Second my Chainmail is now see through in the stomache area of my dark elf rogue. Did anyone else notice these after the patch or did i download the drivers wrong.


03-27-04, 05:55 PM
Every year or two, The game gets upgraded. And every time they push us to a new version of DirectX, they push out the changes months before they should have.

This time has been no different. There are numerous bugs. Some visual. Some related to walls. Some related to code bugs. People and mobs are falling below the world. People are 20k'ing to death. People and mobs are warping all over the place.

Quarm, arguably the largest mob in the game, was 100% hidden. You could go up and /target Quarm and get him on target, and even see the target ring, but he wasnt there. After he died, a necro used WTD and that pet was 75% below the ground.

Why Sony pushes code out to live servers that they know is still 100% bugged is beyond me. But they are like the energizer bunny, in that they keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it, and doing it, and ....

Be patient. How you look doesnt change the game much. The rest of the bugs on the other hand do affect the game, and thats what needs to be fixed first.

03-27-04, 11:55 PM
I cycled through all the available hair styles for my barbie Rogue. Sadly none had real long hair in the back. Pity too, as a mullet would go very nicely with my newly mesh and see through top.

I'm not sure what bothers me worse. The trailer park mesh shirt, or the salami sized brown nipples showing though.

03-28-04, 01:35 PM
do you have dyed armor? if you didnt have "/dopropertinting on" then the dye colored the armor and your skin where there was no armor. the new changes may have made the tinting option obsolete now and only showing the armor dyed and not yoru skin like before.

I had the problem with hidden mobs in stonebrunt too on the named Titans, I would track them to where they should be and didnt see them, so I had to use Sense Animal to target them, i could then see their ring but not them, but once I cast on them, they would then "appear" and give chase.

03-29-04, 12:12 PM
The see through chainmail thing has been going on for a LONG time.

Especially on gnomes. On my gnome rogue the backside of his chain tunic has a big hole in it.

You can see right through it to his little bum. I've /bugged the hell out of this for nearly a year now and it still hasn't been fixed, so I HIGHLY DOUBT they'll bother fixing some new one that has come up.

EZ_Trebax Shadowstealer
03-29-04, 12:38 PM
Just wait until it's showing the hairy derriere of an ogre. THEN they'll fix it.

03-29-04, 03:13 PM
The original poster is complaining about a texture issue, while the gnome thing is an animation problem between the gnome body and the chain mail. Like with bards who stab themselves in the face with their epics.

It's still miles better than the hole in our head with the old model chain coif, though.

03-29-04, 03:29 PM
See-through chainmail is actually the way it's supposed to look, believe it or not. If you've used the new models and had the dopropertinting option turned on, you would have seen the character's skin poking through in many places (chainmail arms and tops are notorious for it). This is more than 2 years old (I found a reference to /dopropertinting in the March 19, 2002 patch message).

As others have commented, they probably made it so you no longer need to worry about /dopropertinting; it's always on now.
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