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12-24-02, 10:45 AM
I don't post here much but wanted some input to an idea i had with high end rogue poisons. We all know ether/spec parchments are used for spells along with runes. It would be neat if they were also used to hand in for rogue poison recipes.

Have an npc to turn them into for rogue poisons. Some extremely rare but good ones and others that are just common. The 65 ones of course being the most potent but also the same common/rare recipes. To have them only useful for the rogue turning them in the recipe would be a no drop sketch needed to make the final combine or something to that sort to make the poison.

Ether parchment = Tier 1 poisons

Spec Parchment = Tier 2 poisons

Runes = Tier 3 poisons

Just something i thought of that could be neat to be able to make poisons and would make use of more parchments because eventually they will be used for twinks or just be turn ins for people to sell. Anyways, if you wanted to add a comment please do. Thanks for your time.

Zelena Swiftsteele
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Fires of Heaven

12-24-02, 01:10 PM
Actually, I rather like this idea. The only suggestions I have are this:

1) Do not make the sketches nodrop. Look how many duplicate spells are being handed out.
2) Do not make them lore for the same reason.
3) Another sketchbook will needed to combine all the appropriate tier sketches into a master sketch.
4) Each sketch is also a book for in game reference.
5) 4 different master sketches will make a grandmaster sketch. Turlo Lomon
Assassin of Drinal

12-24-02, 01:16 PM
Casters would eat me alive if i wanted a spec for my oh so useful tier 2 poisons that are resisted 100 % of the time on all boss mobs.
And runes, well... whose going to give a rune to a rogue when you could have hand of virtue? Inaaki Shadowmade
Deceiver Solusek Ro

12-24-02, 03:05 PM
Its been said in other threads but bears repeating here.

If you're getting 100% resists then:

a) you're using the wrong poison for the job. Be it ooze on undead, snare on rooted mob, M.Bane on liveones, or whatever. The right tool for the right job works wonders....


b) your guildies are lazy slack@ss's and aren't debuffing as they should, hurting you and everyone else on your raid. I can tell when debuffs wear off on a lot of mobs now that I poison.

Also, assuming there ARE a few bosses out there that are 100% immune to everything (hey, I've not encountered every boss, so it's more than possible), you can still use the aggro redux poison, folks are talking about getting full effect from that even when resisted.

If you want to share what you've used, and what mobs you've used it on, I'm sure folks are more than happy to give advice.

As a somewhat ontopic part of the post: _Currently_ I dislike the idea of using partchments and runes also. Once PoP gets older and Spells start being vender trash (like SoL, SoV, and Kunark spells are now), then implementing that would be good. As for getting around the whole randomness thing, just have different gms/venders each take ethereal, spectral and runes, but give static rewards. 6 venders in PoK, so thats at least 6 different possible 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier returns. Say maybe stanos in HP, and hrm... one of the oldworld venders (tox, DC dude, etc), that gives you 8 of each, for 2 "masters" of each lvl, Combine the 6 masters in a 6 or 8 slot, for an ubermaster, or whatever.

Ninen of Saryrn
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12-25-02, 04:20 PM
Would like to see tier 3 someday. I think leave tier 1 and 2 as it is.. and tier 3 being such a complex poison so requires a rogue to use a sketch as reference.

Grandmaster sketch should allow making some tier 1/2 poison into unlimited versions... At least these can then be used regurarly without excruciating finger pain.