View Full Version : did and will future zone revamps change or break quests.

07-16-03, 06:43 AM
I was exploring new nurga and as i running through i noticed a few desturbing things. desturbing to me at least since i resently did the shaman cudgel quests. i noticed that rock chanters wich where required to make xinth where not around anymore. and i also notice that though the sleeping barbarion for the monk quest existed. the named goblin that had the drop for the relics was no longer up where he was supposed to be...so does anyone know of the changes or if the iksar cudgels are broken now?
i have heard that they moved some quest npcs out of droga to a cave west of it in fm where burynai spawned for the old chardok quest. but what about the cudgel.?
it realy concerns me as i still need to finish the final turn in to spawn venril sathir and rile in HS. and if they broke the quest in its earlier version will i need to hussle before the hs update breaks the rest of the quest...also as a side note where would one get an eye of rokgus now that the slave no longer exsit in nurga? now there is a quest event npc where they used to spawn.... did these zone updates break most of the quests involving drops and npcs that used to be in them. or did verant have the foresight to move the drops elsewhere and has anyone found them? [i]

07-16-03, 08:24 AM
Eye of Rokgus would likely be found on Chief (?) Rokgus... it dropped just about everytime (if not everytime) I killed him while working on faction in Droga...(for Spirit Wracked Cords quest).

07-16-03, 08:28 AM
I killed Rokgus in the cave of goblins in FM, the cave has about 15-20 gobs and they are pretty fast respawn so there is an alternative to factioning in Droga/Nurga. He dropped the Eye, some no drop flaxen silken cord, and his dagger for me. I also killed the bodyguard in there and he dropped the nerfed circlet.
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EZ_Devia Devious
07-16-03, 12:51 PM
What about the Rozzut's(sp?) Whistler quest? Does anyone know if that one is still working? If not it's a shame, it was a decent quest with a decent reward.