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EZ_Drakz Soulsnacks
09-08-03, 12:05 AM
I've copied some text from Alluveal's original post to help set this up. These are excerpts from hailing the Protector of the Ruins, in the Ruins of Paineel:

Quote:Tue Aug 26 15:45:23 2003] Protector of the Ruins says 'In their hisses, I heard that another being had entered the Hole. The erudite phantoms told me that this being was slaying all the elementals that dared cross his path. They said he carried the scale of a red dragon as a sign of his strength. The news intrigued me so I rushed to find out who this person was. I was lonely and curious, after all. By time I had left my room in the temple's tower, he had already made his way to the tower entrance. Standing in front of me with ferocious eyes, he sheathed his sword and bowed before me. . . [Continue]?'
[Tue Aug 26 15:45:37 2003] You tell your party, 'ohh.. Nortlav'
[Tue Aug 26 15:45:47 2003] You say, 'continue'
[Tue Aug 26 15:45:48 2003] Protector of the Ruins says '"Who are you?" I asked. He replied that he was the great dragon-slayer Nortlav, a warrior of dark magic, who had single-handedly slain a mighty red dragon. He said that he had been sent down here to find out what happened to the heretics. He was meant to bring back clues so that our fellow Erudites above could know what happened. Seeing me alive surprised him and he was anxious to get word back to his employers in Paineel. . . [Continue]?'
[Tue Aug 26 15:46:03 2003] You say, 'continue'
[Tue Aug 26 15:46:04 2003] Protector of the Ruins says 'We sat in front of a fire for many hours as I told the tales of the battles waged down here. Nortlav was moved by the plight of the Erudites lost in the war and vowed to help me take our old city by ending the lives of the remaining minions of Brell. Through his studies of undead magics and summoning, Nortlav did have some knowledge about the magic that would build the constructs I had worked on for so long. . . [Continue]?'
[Tue Aug 26 15:46:27 2003] You say, 'continue'


[Tue Aug 26 15:49:56 2003] Protector of the Ruins says 'I carefully looked around the chamber and saw a ghostly figure. With my brawny servants keeping an eye on Master Yael, I approached the ghostly figure hoping against all hope it wasn't that brave dragon slayer I had once known. But it was Nortlav. After the battle with Yael, he returned and was killed by Yael. "Nortlav what happened?" I asked. The incoherent moan was all I needed to ignite the flame of revenge inside of me. The thought of this great warrior being reduced to some mindless spirit trapped in Yael's domain caused a fire of hate to burn in my heart. . . [Continue]?'

Downstairs, near the Guardian of the Seal's spawn point, where Nortlav used to be, stands "Echo Of Nortlav" Level 52. He's the same as he used to be, same melee output, drops a red scale. Also drops this:

Jagged Sword of the Dragon Slayer
Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 25
DMG: 20 Dmg Bonus: 13 AC: 10
Effect: Nortlav's Vengeance (Must Equip. Casting Time: 1.0)
STR +10 INT +10 HP +50 MANA +50
Recommended level of 55
WT: 0.5 Size:LARGE

Identifies as "The sword of the great Nortlav"

As you can see, its unequippable, and therefore the effect, which is +30atk, is useless.

I've tried many things with this quest. The first was going to Paineel and hailing / handing in the sword to various mobs. Word of warning - Do not hand any no drop items to Jerith, a dark elf NPC in paineel. He is broken and eats no drop items.

I could find nothing substantial in Paineel.

Urwenae The Cold Dropped the following, in Ruins of Paineel..

Ruined Sword Hilt
WT: 0.0 Size:SMALL

Doesnt identify as anything in particular. Although it may have nothing to do with the sword, I can think of no other immediate use.

Researching Nortlav on various sites, I discovered there is a gnome in Lfay, Grynnaf Einoom. Grynnaf says the following when hailed:

'Hail Grynnaf Einoom'
Grynnaf Einoom looks at you and wonders if he is looking for the Scalekeeper?

'I am looking for the Scalekeeper'
Grynnaf Einoom says 'Ahh...Ye be lookin for Nortlav then. Nortlav is a strong fella. Ye dunna want to mess with the likes of him. He's known as a dragonslayer. I heard that he keeps the scales of the dragons he's slain. Yer not impressed, eh? All the dragons he's killed have died by the blade of a [rusty weapon].'

'What rusty weapon?'
Grynnaf Einoom says 'Aye. I dunno why he does what he does. But every dragon he's killed died by the likes of a rusty weapon. I dunno where he is now, but I heard he can be found in the depths of Norrath, surrounded by darkness.'

I handed him the sword. He gave it back. Killing him does nothing either.

My thoughts:

After talking with friends, we've come to the conclusion the sword may go to one of three places.
1) Back to an official in Paineel. He was hired by them, or at least represented them, and would want to know about his death.
2) To a family member, or friend of Nortlav's. For the same reasons as number 1, but as far as relatives, there are no leads.
3) To a dragon. Particularly one that would want to know Nortlav had been killed. Since Nortlav existed during Kunark, I would assume he killed a Kunark-related red dragon. I've been waiting for Talendor to spawn to see if he'll react. I doubt Nagafen would.

Any ideas out there? I would try the dragonslayers in West Wastes later tonight and see if any of them know who Nortlav is, but I am highly kos. Anyone that can check on that?


09-08-03, 10:02 AM
Pretty sure the dragonslayers were factionless and KoS to everyone, they are charmable tho.

09-08-03, 12:35 PM
pretty sure Nortlav is just the replacement for the scalekeeper mob that was in the hole before revamp. That other npc is an old one that led people to the old scalekeeper, who dropped rusty weapons and red dragon scale.

Tanise Manasponge
09-09-03, 09:42 AM
I've never heard of the npc in lfay and it doesn't make alot of sense to have an npc in lfay pointing people to the hole for red scales. None of the War epic is done in faydwer, nor is bards (not positive on this).

Anyone still have the big clunky rusty Nortlav used to drop? Try giving it to the lfay npc.

09-09-03, 12:04 PM
Gave that to him ages ago, nothing happens. He truly was there just to point the way to Nortlav when SoE announced that there would be an alternate way to obtain the dragon scales for epics. Edited by: NightGod at: 9/9/03 12:05 pm

09-09-03, 01:22 PM
Jagged Sword of the Dragon Slayer now equipable by Erudite Shadowknights. Mystery solved.

EZ_Drakz Soulsnacks
09-09-03, 02:19 PM
I knew it was a good idea to be an erud sk =(


09-10-03, 11:39 AM
Shut up Forehead