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Test Update #26a: July 21, 2006 (Raid training)

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    Test Update #26a: July 21, 2006 (Raid training)

    Test Update #26a: July 21, 2006 - Test Update Notes - EverQuest II Official Forums

    *** Guild Raid Revamp ***

    - Guild raids have been completely redone and will help guilds get into raiding.
    - Each raid is Group x2, and will scale according to your raid's level.
    - In order to advance to the second raid, you must complete the first. To get to the third, you must complete the second, etc. After completing all five new raids, you will be able to do them in any order.
    - The raids are designed as follows:
    * Raid 1: Add Management (NPCs spawn every X seconds and attack raid members)
    * Raid 2: Aggro Management (Hate list shuffling or adding hate for subclass type)
    * Raid 3: AE Stun / Stifle (2-3 sec duration)
    * Raid 4: Resistance Fight (NPC uses powerful AE of type X)
    * Raid 5: AE Charm (become the pet of the enemy!)
    - Rewards for defeating the bosses within each raid will vary based on your level range.
    - Up to level 50, you will receive rare harvestable items, recipe books, and spell scrolls.
    - At level 50, 60, and 70 molds and patterns may drop off boss creatures.These patterns will be for very light, light, medium, or heavy armor. Examining the patterns will give you a quest, and upon turning it in to a Quartermaster, you will receive a piece of armor.
    - To begin, get two groups together into a raid and speak with City Registrar Glamis in Freeport or Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos.

    *** Player-versus-Player ***

    - The effects of the Unity Band will now trigger off other damage types besides cold based spells.

    *** Zones and Population ***

    - After building the store of eggs needed for training the griffon tamers and griffons have moved into their towers within the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest.
    - Velociraptors should no longer use stealth.
    - Merchants in Maj'Dul are no longer random and will include all types of merchants. Their goods will also scale to your level similar to those in Qeynos or Freeport.
    - Reviving in Blackburrow and Stormhold now place you at the front of those dungeons.

    *** Items ***

    - Now use Magic resistance instead of Heat to determine success chances of landing on target.
    - Hex dolls that decrease resistances or attributes were adjusted to scale appropriately for their level.

    *** Combat ***

    Fighter changes:
    - Shadowknight: Dark Caress: Removed summoning of tainted essences as a proc.
    - Shadowknight: Tainted Sacrament: Removed spell component cost.
    - Shadowknight: Unholy Hunger: Deals disease instead of divine damage.
    - Paladin: Penitent Sacrament: Removed spell component cost.
    - Paladin: Blessing of the Penitent: Removed summoning of spell component as a proc.

    Priest changes:
    - Warden: Willow: Root component no longer affects Epic targets.
    Training raids.
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