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Test Update #26b: July 26, 2006 (return of the fear gate. )

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    • Sep 2003

    Test Update #26b: July 26, 2006 (return of the fear gate. )

    Test Update #26b: July 26, 2006

    *** The Hand of the Gods ***

    - The influence of the gods grows stronger on Norrath as the prophets of Valor and Fear call upon the faithful for assistance.
    - Meet Sir Bayden Cauldthorn, Knight of Valor, in the Commonlands near the entrance to the Freeport Graveyard.
    - Danak Dhorentath and the minions of Fear have excavated an ancient cave in the Feerrott, near the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Even the bravest adventurer may gasp when setting eyes upon the terrors within.

    *** Nektropos Castle: Tribulation ***

    - Whispers abound of strange occurrences near Nektropos Castle. Some claim to have heard the spirit of Lord Everling himself calling out.
    - Rumor has it that recent earthquakes have uncovered burial chambers near this haunted ruin. Perhaps exploration of one such unearthed crypt near the castle could reveal more information.
    - Venture through Nektulos Forest to Nektropos Castle and unravel the mysteries... if you dare!
    - This new journey through one of our most popular landmarks is intended to provide a challenge for a full group of level 70 characters.

    *** Guild Raid Revamp ***

    - City Registrar Glamis and Royal Accountant Fowler have hired mages to help them with their task of sending adventurers on writs for the city. Look for these portal mages standing near the doors that will take you to your destination.

    *** Maps ***

    - By order of Queen Antonia Bayle, adventurers are hereby supplied with maps to the yards around the city of Qeynos. These include Oakmyst Forest, the Caves, the Peat Bog, and the Forest Ruins.
    - Not to be outdone, the Overlord has commanded that maps be scribed for the Graveyard, the Sunken City, the Sprawl, and the Ruins.

    *** Zones Reuse Timers ***

    - Zone reuse timers are being modified to have greater consistency. Reuse timers will now follow these guidelines:
    - Small solo zone: No fail timer | 4 hour success timer
    - Large solo zone: No fail timer | 8 hour success timer
    - Group zone: No fail timer | 18 hour success timer
    - Small raid zone: 8 hour fail timer | 3 day, 20 hour success timer
    - Large raid zone: 12 hour fail timer | 5 day, 20 hour success timer

    *** Quests ***

    - The Narin Heirloom quest has been fixed. V'Tal's brother can once more be found in Fallen Gate but he is no longer triggered and not in the same spot he once was. The level of the quest has been increased, it is now heroic, and a reward has been added.

    *** Items ***

    - The food and drink sold at the Drednever Expedition in the Bonemire should now be of the appropriate level.
    - Clawed Basilisk Boots should now proc properly.

    *** Zones and Population ****

    - Pets should now be able to once again attack Chieftain Merzog in Fallen Gate if he hasn't moved from the spot he initially appears.
    - A number of mobs associated with dynamic camps (ring events) in Tenebrous Tangle have been made uncharmable to prevent certain situations that may break the events.

    *** Combat ***

    - Social creatures will no longer respond to calls for help from other NPCs if they are already busy fighting or while they are returning home after a battle.

    *** Player-versus-Player ***

    - You can now work for your side to employ fences (brokers carrying goods from the opposing city) in the Commonlands or Antonica, or get rid of a fence from the opposition's territory. Ifrit Jankus of East Freeport and Banderspark of Qeynos Harbor are seeking assistance from players to reinstate the operations of G`Thal and Fuddlesprock.
    - Fallen Dynasty items with aggro modifying effects will now function properly in PvP combat.
    - Additional respawn points have been added to the following 40+ zones: Everfrost, Lavastorm, the Feerrott, the Sinking Sands, Tenebrous Tangle, the Barren Sky, and Bonemire.
    - Petulant Satchel and Regal Satchel are now useable and will no longer spam players with insufficient skill messages.

    *** User Interface ***

    - You can once again /raidinvite a group leader that is in a different zone.

    Steve Danuser, a.k.a. Moorgard
    Game Designer, EverQuest II
    From ( Re: The Nine Prophets ) ...

    Emaleth2000 said:
    Regarding current changes on test - Bayden gives a quest. Danak has moved out of CT and is now in a new cave behind CT.

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    • Jun 2005

    Re: Test Update #26b: July 26, 2006 (return of the fear gate. )

    Can you say "Wipe" as in raid wipe... Bet ya its worse than what EQ has for fear.. hope this also means wizards ge port spell's again soon and i do mean a butt load of them
    It's not what you fight. But how you fight that will determine it all.