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End of the 1H rogue??

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  • Registered Member
    • Mar 2006

    End of the 1H rogue??

    This update might finally bring back the dual weilding rogue!!

    "GU36 contains a significant update to many Class Tree achievements, aimed at removing most of the equipment restrictions on achievement abilities, improving their usability with pets, and balancing out desireability between the different branches of the Class Trees.

    Weapon specific requirements were originally meant to diversify the kinds of weapons that players would want to use and identify a character with a particular achievement branch. Popular achievement branches reinforced certain weapon types, for example, it greatly lowered the desirability of axes versus swords for a particular class if the swords branch was more powerful. This introduced new problems with desirability of loot and quest rewards. We’ve removed most of those requirements, reserving them only for the few branches that require shields and ranged weapons.

    Pet Achievements were tedious to use; their buffs almost always required recasting them every time the pet zoned. The EoF achievements added new functionality for achievement buffs to be applied permanently on the pet that was not available in KoS. This has now been added to all KoS Class achievements that permanently buff a pet type.

    We’ve analyzed the achievement spending patterns of each class to determine which branches are the most popular and which ones are greatly underutilized. A large part of this update to class achievements has been to increase the power of the least desired achievements. The few cases where an achievement received a reduction were made to balance out a penalizing equipment requirement that was removed as part of the update.

    The test release notes will contain a list of all the changes made to class achievements. Feedback is welcome."

  • Registered Member
    • Mar 2006

    Re: End of the 1H rogue??

    And here is the notes from test.

    • The Class Tree of Achievements received a full review of their bonuses. Many of the less popular achievements had their benefits increased to better compete with the more popular achievements of each class.

    • Removed most weapon requirements from the second set of achievements of all Class achievement trees, with the exception to shield and ranged weapon requirements. They all share the same reuse time as well. Many of these abilities were slightly improved.

    • Achievements that required casting a spell on a pet every time it zoned are now permanent buffs on the pet.

    • Movement speed increase bonuses now consistently apply to both in and out of combat.

    • Fixed an issue causing Assassin, Ranger, Brigand and Swashbuckler poison debuff enhancements to not work correctly.


    • Strength 3 - Bladeturn: Increase avoidance skill bonuses from 2% to 2.5% per rank.

    • Agility 3 - Wayfarer's Watch: Also grants a chance at avoiding non-direct area effect spells by 1% per rank.

    • Agility 4 - Poison Concoction: Increased total tick count from 5 to 7, increased damage per tick.

    • Agility 5 - Vanishing Act: The next attack made against any ally in stealth will be avoided.

    • Stamina 3 - Skald's Defense: Also increases doubleattack by 10% at rank 1, and +4% for every rank thereafter.

    • Stamina 4 - Fortissimo: Grants your group melee and ranged doubleattack at 1% per rank, and 2% per rank for allies that have a shield equipped.

    • Stamina 5 - Shield Focus: Renamed to Lend Shielding: Allows you to block the next attack that would strike an ally.

    • Wisdom 2 - Harmonizing Shot: Renamed to Messenger's Letter: It now increases hate towards the enemy's current target.

    • Wisdom 4 - Allegro: Increased casting speed bonus from 0.9% to 1% per rank.

    • Intelligence 3 - Minstrel's Aria: Increase skill bonus from 7% to 8% per rank.

    • Intelligence 4 - Minstrel's Melody: Increased Haste/DPS bonus from 5% to 7% per rank.

    • Intelligence 5 - Coin Toss: Renamed to Heroic Storytelling: Increases the effectiveness of all heroic opportunites in the group by 50%.


    • Starter - Favorable Wind: Affects all non-mount movement speed.

    • Strength 3 - Relentless Punches: Renamed to Eye of the Tiger: No longer requires unarmed. Increases all combat art damage by 0.75% per rank.

    • Strength 4 - Claw Reversal: Renamed to Tiger Body: Increases physical mitigation instead of Riposte chance.

    • Strength 5 - Chi: Improved casting speed bonus from 75 to 100%, Recovery speed bonus from 33.3% to 100%, Removed all penalties when Chi expires.

    • Agility 3 - Ambidexterity: Increased reuse speed bonus from 1 to 1.5% per rank.

    • Agility 5 - Altruism: Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, increases hate positions towards entire encounter twice. Increased health of targeted ally by 10% instead of 5%.

    • Stamina 5 - Mantis Leap: Removed power cost. It can also teleport to a target ally or object. Reuse speed increased from 60s to 45s.

    • Wisdom 3 - Bamboo Twirl: Doubled proc rate to 2% per rank, but slightly reduced damage.

    • Wisdom 5 - Crane Flock: Increased reuse speed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.


    • Strength 5 - Avenging Invigoration: Also improves recovery speed by 10%.

    • Agility 2 - Joust: Increased range to 15, teleports you to your target to attack.

    • Agility 3 - Trample: Increased area autoattack base chance to 5% per rank.

    • Agility 4 - Higher Ground: Increased base defense skill bonus.

    • Agility 5 - Lance: Also removed weapon requirement. Increased damage over time effect from horseback. Lance cannot be riposted. Reuse time speeded from 60s to 45s.

    • Stamina 5 - Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining final damage. Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

    • Wisdom 4 - Aura of Leadership: Also increases the maximum amount of regeneration possible by the group by an additional 2% per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Fearless Morale: No longer affects casting/reuse times, but all other bonuses are improved by 2%.

    • Intelligence 2 - Legionnaire's Smite: Reuse speed slowed to 30s like other achievement attacks to account for the removal of the symbol requirement.

    • Intelligence 4 - Legionnaire's Mercy: Also increases spell resistance. Reduced healing critical chance to 6% per rank.

    • Intelligence 5 - Reflect: Also removed symbol requirement.


    • Strength 3 - Bolt of Power: Also procs on spells. Interrupt chance is reduced to adjust for the change.

    • Strength 4 - Unwavering Resolve: Instead of increasing disruption skill, it increases maximum health by 1% per rank. It still increases Focus.

    • Strength 5 - Steadfast: While remaining still, grants interrupt immunity, with a chance at stifle immunity.

    • Agility 3 - Battle Fervor: Grants doubleattack of 4% per rank instead of DPS increase. Also increases shield effectiveness by 4% per rank.

    • Agility 5 - Holy Shield: Improved reuse speed from 5 minutes to 1m and it now toggles, and casting speed from 2s to 1s. Removed power cost.

    • Stamina 3 - Severe Judgement: Reduced melee critical chance from 12.5% to 10% per rank.

    • Stamina 5 - Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining damage. Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

    • Wisdom 4 - Divine Soothing: Renamed "Exorcise" and increases all casting skills instead of hate reduction.

    • Wisdom 5 - Protection from Undead: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining damage. Improved reuse speed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

    • Intelligence 2 - Divine Castigation: Reduced damage.


    • Starter - Shapeshift: The nature of the shapeshift is no longer determined by weapon; Instead multiple abilities are added for each illusion type.

    • Strength 4 - Natural Boon: Increased trigger percentage from 2% to 4% per rank. Reduced group heal effect by 30%.

    • Strength 5 - Primordial Strike: Increased damage, and it cannot be parried, riposted, deflected, or blocked.

    • Agility 4 - Wild Regeneration: Additionally increases the initial tick of each regeneration by 3%.

    • Agility 5 - Tortoise Shell: Stifles/Roots Druid instead of stuns, and doubles shield effectiveness. Also increases health regeneration of nearby allies. Removed power cost.

    • Stamina 3 - Serene Knowledge: Increased triggered percentage from 1% to 2% per rank. Added interrupt immunity.

    • Stamina 5 - Serenity: Removed power cost. Added interrupt immunity.

    • Wisdom 4 - Hierophant Obfuscation: Instead of hate reduction, it reduces the chance that any hostile spell lands on the Hierophant by 1.5% per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Rebirth: After death, the buff can be cancelled before the auto-resurrection occurs if desired.

    • Intelligence 4 - Stormvision: Also increases ordination skill.

    • Intelligence 5 - Infusion: Slightly increased damage.


    • Strength 3 - Spellblade's Reflexes: Increased piercing skill bonus, increased Riposte percentage to 1% per rank.

    • Strength 4 - Quickening: Added melee attack speed bonus of 5% per rank, but does not apply to 2-handed weapons.

    • Agility 2 - Chronosiphoning: Removed freehand requirement. The amount of casting speed returned is reduced to a 1:2 ratio from what is debuffed.

    • Agility 3 - Chronomotion: Increased recovery speed bonus from 4% to 6% per rank.

    • Agility 5 - Perpetuality: Fixed ability so that only one triggering effect is on the enchanter at any time. The color of the perpetuality icon becomes "warmer" the higher the casting speed bonus granted from the proc.

    • Stamina 2 - Touch of Empathy: Increased range from 5 to 30m.

    • Stamina 3 - Empathic Aura: Increased healing critical to 2% per rank.

    • Stamina 4 - Empathic Soothing: Increased hate reduction to 1% per rank.

    • Stamina 5 - Sever Empathy: Renamed Sever Hate: Now it wipes a few hate positions of hatred that target ally's enemy has towards them. Can be used on raid allies.

    • Wisdom 2 - Daydream: Now it reduces hate radius and the chance that the encounter will respond to help.

    • Wisdom 4 - Dreamweaver's Trance: Also improves reuse speed of your mesmerization spell by 0.2 seconds per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Hypnosis: Reduced power cost and casting time. It can affect a weaker epic non-named target for up to 6 seconds.


    • Enhance: Dragonbreath: Fixed to improve reuse speed by 5 seconds per rank instead of 4.

    • Enhance: Swooping Dragon: Fixed so that damage overtime component also increases in damage.


    • Stamina 3 - Conditioning: Increased HP increase from 1% to 1.5% per rank.

    • Stamina 4 - Surrounding Attacks: Increased area autoattack chance from 2 to 3.5% per rank.

    • Stamina 5 - Impenetrable: Also grants temporary non-direct area effect immunity. Increased duration to 12 seconds.

    • Wisdom 4 - Obfuscation: Also increases damage of the following combat art by 1% per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Smoke Bomb: Affected enemies are unable to target for 4 seconds.


    • Starter - Pick Pocket: Also grants a chance to automatically Pick Pocket when using certain rear-only or stealth combat arts.

    • Stamina 3 - Conditioning: Also increases shield effectiveness.

    • Stamina 5 - Formation: Slightly reduced mitigation bonus.

    • Wisdom 2 - Lunge Reversal: Refreshes every 30 seconds instead of every 20 seconds.

    • Wisdom 3 - Freehand Reversal: Increased initial doubleattack bonus from 20 to 24%.

    • Wisdom 4 - Unencumbrance: Reduced doubleattack bonus to 5.5% per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Coule: Slightly reduced skill gain.

    • Intelligence 2 - Boot Dagger: Increased damage.

    • Intelligence 3 - Thieve's Prowess: Increased trigger percentage from 3% to 4% per rank.

    • Intelligence 4 - Obscurative Smoke: Hate reduction improved to 1.5% per rank. Also improves hate reduction amount of Evade by 5% per rank.

    • Intelligence 5 - Feign: Improved reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1 minute.


    • With the exception of the Strength line, all other pet dependencies have been removed.

    • Strength 3 - Aura of Haste: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Strength 4 - Aura of Warding: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Strength 5 - Spiritual Foresight: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet. Reduced triggered percentage to 15% from 20%.

    • Agility 3 - Ancestral Authority: Reduced melee critical chance from 12.5% to 10% per rank.

    • Stamina 2 - Crippling Bash: Renamed Dazing Bash: Dazes an enemy for 5 seconds. Increased damage of attack.

    • Stamina 3 - Infective Bites: Renamed Block Harm: Increases block chance at 1% per rank.

    • Stamina 4 - Herbal Expertise: Improves casting speed, recovery speed, and power cost each by 10% per rank.

    • Stamina 5 - Coagulate: Increased bleed health pool amount.

    • Wisdom 2 - Ritual: No longer requires symbol equipped, but reduced bonus to begin at 18% at rank 1.

    • Wisdom 3 - Ritualistic Aggression: Renamed Ritual of Magic: Increases ordination, subjugation, disruption casting skills.

    • Wisdom 4 - Ritual of Absolution: Renamed Ritual of Mind: Improves reuse speed at 1% per rank.

    • Wisdom 5 - Ritual of Alacrity: Improved reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes. Increased range from 10 to 25m.

    • Intelligence 2 - Rabies: Is not a single target DoT spell, that triggers a more powerful DoT when the first one expires.

    • Intelligence 3 - Virulence: It now increases spell critical damage.

    • Intelligence 4 - Immunities: Grants nearby allies a chance to outright prevent the hostile effects of a spell.

    • Intelligence 5 - Scourge: No longer requires the sacrifice of the pet. It now directly targets a single enemy.


    • Starter - Summon Familiar: The type of familiar is no longer determined by weapon; Instead it is determined by casting a different ability.

    • Stamina 2 - Static Shield: Removed first rank parry bonus, but no longer requires a symbol.

    • Stamina 3 - Battlemage Armor: Increased physical mitigation bonus.

    • Stamina 4 - Battlemage's Fervor: Also increases Subjugation and Ordination skill.

    • Stamina 5 - Manashield: Improved damage to mana consumed ratio from 1:1 to 2:1.

    • Wisdom 2 - Freehand Sorcery: No longer requires no weapon equipped, but reduced bonus to begin at 10% at rank 1. However now it stacks with Brainstorm and other spell damage increase achievements.

    • Wisdom 3 - Ward of Sages: No longer requires no weapon equipped. Only protects against non-physical damage.

    • Wisdom 4 - Brainstorm: No longer requires no weapon equipped, but reduced bonus to 0.5% per rank. However now it stacks with Freehand Sorcery and other spell damage increase achievements.

    • Wisdom 5 - Sagacity: Effect stacks with other achievements that reduce power cost.

    • Intelligence 2 - Confounding Staff: Renamed Confounding: Also added ranged distance of 35 meters to attack using your weapon.

    • Intelligence 4 - Kinetic Avoidance: Hate percent reduction improved from 1.25% to 2%.

    • Intelligence 5 - Concussive Blast: Spell is now an area effect that instantly drops hate position instead of adding a hate reduction proc.


    • Starter - Pet Possession: Increased reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1 minute.

    • Strength 5 - Implode: Temporary buff also improves recovery speed, and altogether its bonuses also apply to pet buffs on pet for up to 12 seconds. No longer works on charmed Control Undeath pet.

    • Agility 2 - Distracting Strike: Renamed Shadowstep: Teleports scout pet to target and launches an attack.

    • Agility 3 - Cabalist's Cover: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet. Increased effectiveness per rank.

    • Agility 4 - Minion's Zeal: Increases Doubleattack 2.5% per rank instead of Critical hit. Is now a permanent buff applied to scout pet.

    • Agility 5 - Shadowstep: Renamed Reanimate: Instantly summons scout pet if it recently died. It cannot be interrupted and can be cast while casting another spell.

    • Stamina 3 - Perceptor's Bodyguard: Renamed Perceptor's Command: Increases hate of your target towards your pet.

    • Stamina 4 - Perceptor's Command: Renamed Perceptor's Bodyguard: Increases maximum health of Fighter pet by approximately 2.5% per rank. Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Stamina 5 - Unflinching Servant: Added Root, Fear, Mesmerize, and Daze immunity.

    • Wisdom 3 - Minion's Barrier: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Wisdom 4 - Minion's Uproar: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Wisdom 5 - Animist Bond: Improved damage to mana consumed ratio from 2:1 to 3:1.

    • Intelligence 2 - Magic Leash: Removed power cost. Increased detaunt amount.

    • Intelligence 3 - Minion's Warding: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.

    • Intelligence 4 - Arcane Minion: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.


    • Strength 5 - Executioner's Fury: Also increases Taunting by 15%.

    • Agility 3 - Dragoon's Cyclone: Increased area autoattack chance from 3% to 5% per rank.

    • Agility 5 - Dragoon's Reflexes: Improved reuse speed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, and also grants temporary non-direct area effect avoidance.

    • Stamina 3 - Gladiator's Finesse: First rank begins with a 25% bonus, then increases by 5% with each following rank.

    • Stamina 4 - Gladiator's Revenge: Removed block bonus: Increases Riposte Chance by 1% per rank instead.

    • Stamina 5 - Perseverance: Renamed to Arena Endurance: Increased health gain ratio from 15% to 20% of all power consumed.

    • Wisdom 5 - Stance Mastery: Also removes penalties associated with Hunker abilities and its upgrades.

    • Intelligence 2 - Acceleration Strike: Is now a melee attack that triggers additional 25% Haste/Casting/Recovery speed after 3 additional combat arts.

    • Intelligence 5 - Relentless Assault: Increased reuse speed bonus to 12%



    • Registered Member
      • Mar 2006

      Re: End of the 1H rogue??

      The good and the bad:

      the bad:


      Modified effectiveness on certain hate increase/reduction/transfer abilities on certain scout classes and coercers. This makes all achievements that modify hate more worthwhile, and place slightly more responsibility on predators/rogues in controlling their aggro generation.
      All Apprentice I-IV spells are now only resisted as often as an Adept I version of the spell.

      Shadows: Reduced percentage

      Beg for Mercy: Reduced trigger count
      Confound Adversaries: Removed hate position decrease.

      Stone Deaf: Now has a percentage chance to trigger (100% at Master I), Mitigation is now calculated in determining if the Stoneskin triggers its damage threshold.

      Smirking Demeanor: Reduced hate increase component, but added a hate transfer component. This allows it to stack better with the Dirge's hate increase buff.

      Hyran's Angry Sonata: Slightly reduced at its highest level upgrade.

      Tower of Stone: Now has a percentage chance to trigger (100% at Master I), Mitigation is now calculated in determining if the Stoneskin triggers its damage threshold. Damage done to shields has been removed. Trigger count reduced to 2.

      Reconnoiter: Reduced percentage

      Swarthy Distraction: Reduced percentage
      Avoid Notice: Reduced trigger percentage and hate amount.

      the good:


      In early testing for GU37, weapon usability is being improved by removing the Dual Wield weapon designation.
      All current Dual Wield weapons will become One Handed and gain the damage rating of a comparable one handed.
      You will be able to equip most One Handed weapons in either your main or offhand.
      In order to compensate for the increased damage to dual wielding, offhand delay is slowed by a small amount so that damage over time remains the same.
      Again, this is being released extra-early to TEST SERVER ONLY and will not be going live with GU36.

      So, it looks like they are taking away 5% and giving back 3%, but we shall see how this plays out....