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Stealth and Hiding

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    • May 2004

    Stealth and Hiding

    I got a postcard from SOE, they want me back. But not in EQ where I was a rogue for 4 years, they want me in EQII and its free, so why not.

    The best part of being a rogue for me was SOS, I loved going places, deeper and more dangerous then any other class could dream. Add Escape and I almost never had to worry about death.

    My Question is, how does this EQII stealth compare to old EQ SOS? Will I be able to satisfy my curious nature of "whats down there?" without being at risk? Can I join a group that has fought down to a place no other class can reach? Or is Stealth no better then a caster invis?

    I read the class skills list, and it seems like the Brigand would be better at getting to places, and back alive, with that "craven walk" at level 31. So I'd just like a little feedback while I spend the next 13 hours downloading my digital copy

    For me it is more important to be alive and not begging for a rez, then to have top DPS bragging rights. (but DPS is nice too)
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    • Nov 2005

    Re: Stealth and Hiding

    caster and scout invis are functionally identical in eq2.

    some mobs can see invis (most named, random heroics generally), and all mobs which are more than 10 levels above you can also see you by default (this might no longer be the case, but its been in place since release.)

    That said though, you can do a fair amount of sneaking about with invis, its much easier to tell what mobs see you in this as well - so avoiding them isnt as rough.

    Brigands are a great class, you'll love ruse just be prepared for the difference between 1h and dual wield weapons, it seems rather un roguely coming from eqlive, but its a minor gripe
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