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Why i like eq2.

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  • Registered Member
    • Nov 2005

    Why i like eq2.

    I've actually thought about this quite a bit, If you take a look at some of the things people wax sentimental regarding eq1, these are the exact same features that upon removal, are trumped as improvements in modern MMO's.

    The beauty of eq2 in my eyes is that it evokes memories of playing eq1 pre-kunark, spending all night working on fletching to get my skill up to 73 - and then hawking my crappy bows in the commonlands tunnel Or hearing about the mythical loot that is pulled out of lower guk, spawning an obsession with the zone that lasts to this day... either you know what i'm talking about with this, or you dont.
    I ****ing hate anime.
  • Registered Member
    • Mar 2006

    Re: Why i like eq2.

    I know exactly what you mean!
    I am in the Army National Guard, have been in for almost 15 years.
    I started working temporarily here, when I was pretty much just starting EQ1.
    Those were the days, sneaking online to research quests, zones, and loot!
    Also, I used to live really close to work, so I would go home at lunch and log in, either to move myself close to where the raid would be, or to just kill a few things.
    Later, I got on full time, and to this day when I happen to be doing something at work, I get flashbacks about EQ1, and have fight the urge to log in and go to some of those old haunts!

    EQ2 is a pretty good game overall, and has some nostalgic qualities.
    I just hope they do Kunark justice, as it was one of my favorite expansions.

    Oh, what server were you on?
    I was on Luclin.
    I carry the "of Luclin" title on EQ2, and will never give that up!
    I even wrote my bio to seem as I still came from EQ1 lol!

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