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Need to sharpen the knives a bit

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  • Veteran
    • Aug 2000

    Need to sharpen the knives a bit

    Send me a pM is you are the following:

    1. Still playing or recently played EQ II
    2. Would like to help in updating the information in this section
    3. Like to figure out lore, puzzles, the ins and out of classes, etc.

    This is purely an idea of my own, I feel that the Safehouse should always be the place people of roguely extraction go to for information in any game that has roguely things. Once I get a good idea of who has experience where (me for example, I suck at making myself level, but I am a huge exploring nut) we'll break it down into chunks of who posts and compiles what.

    Also if anyone has eqII rogue questions they haven't been able to get answers to pm me and I'll work on finding the answers.
  • Veteran
    • Aug 2000

    Re: Need to sharpen the knives a bit

    Proposed topics for articles

    Guides for Brigand, Assassin, Swashbuckler and Ranger. Dirge and Troubadour to be added when possible. If it has stealth it's roguely, even if it does wear paisley tights.

    Poisons: Effects, best usage (I found out you can stack multiple ones of different types recently, surely a known to many but suprising thing), how to get a hold off etc.

    Crafting and the Rogue: Which tradeskills offer the most bang for the buck for the rogue and why, and how to get it leveled effectively.

    Quests and tasks to focus on for the rogue

    Lore and sights of interest to rogues

    Which races are best for which rogue classes