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This game has really dragged me back in

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  • Veteran
    • Feb 2000

    This game has really dragged me back in

    Seriously. The AA and abundant quests keep you so busy an entertained. I have yet to see a point where I'll be stuck thinking .. so what do i do to get to the next level? Oh yeah, i have 50 quests in my log, most of which i can solo or out level and solo anyways
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  • Veteran
    • Aug 2000

    Re: This game has really dragged me back in

    This has become a game I play, leave, and then come back to again and again. Kinda like COH/COV. So just bought last two expansions (they make it easy by always having the latest expansion be an all in one) and seeing whats what on my brigand.

    Biggest thing so far is they changed the stats so that AGI is the end all be all for rogue classes (and the stats on the armor) so that my brigand doesn't need to worry about str anymore except for his carrying capacity.