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Yes, there is Vanguard news

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    Re: Yes, there is Vanguard news

    Matheren said:
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    Well since it's SOE, you're going to end up having to probably pay to access each of those separate characters.. about as much as you would just on a $15/m sub.
    Short term yes, long term? probably not. I have a good amount of station cash at the moment. but....

    They really mucked up EQ2 FTP for established characters, and i am hoping its not going to be as bad. I mean, i logged in my necro and would have had to pay quite a penny to reequip all my legendary and higher items. i said screw it though, told my guild see ya later, and haven't logged back in.

    I keep myself to 2 subscriptions of any game at once and Rift and ToR are still entertaining me
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