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Tradeskilling direction?
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Hey guys,

So, I'm starting to think about tradeskilling (gotta plan before you act, don'tcha know :P ) and I've no idea if I want to be an outfitter for making bows and arrows and such, or if I want to make poisons and all... Actually, I'm not entirely sure which direction to go because my knowledge on tradeskills and how they interact with assassins is nil. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, can Assassins use poisons? Or is it limited to other classes? Is it all rogues, I mean?

Shamah 14 predator, Steamfont.

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re: Tradeskilling direction?
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Stormraven -

If I can be forgiven what might be considered an advertisement, the best place to answer most of your questions would be If you can't find what you need on the main site, try a search on the forums. If that still doesn't get you results, a post in the forums will usually elicit a response. Good luck and welcome to the insanity that is tradeskilling!

JMorgaia Tinybubbles
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re: Tradeskilling direction?
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We always welcome useful posts and links outside of the Safehouse. Our advertising policy is more or less shameless self-promotion of a site, links to irrelevant sites, or links to pixels for cash sites.

EQTraders is an old goat like us. No worries there.

Thanks for the tip!

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re: Tradeskilling direction?
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No problem...EQ Traders is an awesome site and I have yet to find one that more thoroughly covers EQ tradeskills outside of possibly premium membership for Allakhazam's and unlike Allakhazam's, EQ Traders doesn't cost you anything.

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re: Tradeskilling direction?
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not to take away from eqtraders, which was some amazingly good guides, I think the site below has the best recipe list for EQ2 I've found. Complete with cross references and "shopping lists" of all the parts needed to complete a final item.

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Re: Tradeskilling direction?
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Btw, in case anyone wants a more recent evaluation, I would say that the best overall for scouts as a profession is jewelcrafting.

1. You make your own skill books to upgrade from apprentice to journeyman or expert (normal or rare materials used to make)

2. You make rings, earings, necklacke, wrist, and belt items for yourself and others, giving you a good way to make money and minimize your outlay or money.

Alchemist is another good one because of the potions and poisons, but you make fighter class skills so not as self serving.

Weaponsmith will let you make your own weapons and armorsmith your own armor, but JC gives you almost as many self equipped slots and the combat art upgrades at the same time.

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