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Safehouse Anime Forum Guidelines

Questions related to the rules can be discussed here.

1. Spoilers: All plot spoilers must be tagged, whether it's inside it's specific thread or in another thread. Clearly label what episode, chapter, or where the spoiler comes from. Do not talk about next episode previews, as a courtesy to others who do not watch them, without clearly labelling it and stating it's from the preview of whichever episode.

2. Licensed Material: Do not link to download sites for anime licensed in Region-1. Anything not licensed in R1 is okay. If you are unsure, ask or check Anime News Network's Anime Encyclopedia. Discussion of R1 licensed titles is fine.

3. Image Content: If the image is a spoiler, rule #1 applies. If it's not safe for work, general forum rules apply, so add an NSFW warning and spoiler-tag it.

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