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How to beat SWG.
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A friend of mine and I were talking and I told him I had figured out the way to beat SWG.

cervantes429: You just have to master Jedi, and then Mace Windu's blue glowie spawns. "Yo @#%$, I'm Mother@#%$ Mace @#%$'n Windu. Those other jedi's can't do @#%$, but I got the glowie skills @#%$!" Then he turns purple and starts @#%$ing your @#%$ all the @#%$ up on so many levels more than three. You cannot beat him, its im-@#%$-possible. But after he incap's you (the first @#%$ing swing) he gives you his lightsaber and tells you to continue his tradition of being one bad ass @#%$.
(a_good_friend_01): lol
(a_good_friend_01): Mace is the man
cervantes429: You then receive "Mother@#%$in Light-@#%$in-saber of badassitude" and the description goes as follows, "Large engravings on handle read: Badass Mother@#%$er. Small engravings on handle read: Samuel Mother@#%$ing Jackson was here @#%$es!"

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