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DPS Changes with VoA?
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I've been on a break from playing since just before VoA was released, and it seems that we have finally regained some of the DPS power we once held. I'm currently level 90 and will be leveling up soon and am curious what all has changed with our DPS since before VoA, as far as raid discs, AA's, etc., or where most of this DPS gain came from? I'm definitely not asking for a detailed guide, but it would be nice to know where to start as far as new AA's and experimenting with VoA discs. Thanks!

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Re: DPS Changes with VoA?
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Our biggest DPS gain is, without a doubt, Etherium Blades AA.

The typical rogue uses Rogue's Fury and Twisted Chance as their primary burn discs (if a Beastlord is in the group) or Rogue's Fury and Frenzied Stabbing without a beastlord.

Eradicator's Discipline is an upgrade to Assassin's Discipline.

Razor's Edge is approximately equal to Eradicator's Discipline in DPS gain, but lasts longer (with the drawback of taking 20% more damage).

Those are the major changes.

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