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Re: Guide to raising Poison Fast and Cheap!
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I had already hit 292 poison before i read the post 2 spots up.

Earlier I had tried to make the new DD rogue only poisons to skill up and it gives a msg saying you can't attempt that. The trivial was only 20 points higher. So I read the boards here and saw a post saying the new cheap poisons are not intended to skill up on.

I never gave it a second thought to check it again at a higher level. It appears to be a over site on the skill checks. Lets say a poison is 272 trivial. You can't attempt the new DD poison until you are 272+. Now that doesnt work on poisons above 300, because we can't get high enough for the 350+ trivials. So they put a check in that if you are over 300 skill you can create the poisons (have a chance at).

That would have worked fine if it checked your unmodded skill. There for you would never have gained off the all vendor bought super cheap poisons. But w/ your trophy and a modded skill of 300+ you fool it.

I went from 292 skill w/ level 5 trophy to 300 and max trophy for about 300 plat. All vendor bought, in an hours time or two maybe.

Prior, 275 to 292 took me a couple days of buying in bazarre and hunting my own crystallized sulfur, phosp powder etc.

Folks needing to skill up do it now. I really can't see this not getting fixed. I think its a bug/oversite and will get fixed soon.

That being said, I also spent a day or two doing the Grandmaster seal quest. This is a nice item, but I got it soley to skill up. Don't waste your time, just power through on the vendor items. You won't need advanced vials for those recipies.

Ngreth Thergn
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Re: Guide to raising Poison Fast and Cheap!
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Droog_RN said:
<camouflages this post with indigenous vegetation as Ngreth cruises past>

Pay no attention to that bush moving around there by that tree. It's just a bush. Don't even look twice at it. Nothing to be alarmed about.
I have been aware of this for a while

I am just not sure there is anything I can do about it.

If I can though, I likely will. Enjoy cheesing the system while you can.

Note. I will official state... skillups on DPS poisons is *NOT* intended. So yes, it is officially an exploit to use them to gain make poison skill. I officially ask you to not use this exploit.

Take that as you will I have said what I am allowed and will say on the subject, except to repeat the same things I have said

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Re: Guide to raising Poison Fast and Cheap!
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The previous post from ngreth is quite old now, so I am not sure as to what changes are new or old. I currently have an unmodded skill of 286, which modded comes to 308. I got there by following the reccomended path on EQtraders, and then spent 3 hrs or so farming scorpikis poisons, which got me a further 11 pts out of 200 combines.

My question now is, do I need to go back and form more Scorpikis poisons, or CoD drops? or is there a better path to hit 300 unmodded and max out trophy?

All the DD poisons I can see on the merchants to make seem to have a triv of 260, so I don't see how you can lvl up on those as previous people in this thread seem to be mentioning. (and yes, I realize those posts are 8 months old or so.)

thanks for any help offered.

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Re: Guide to raising Poison Fast and Cheap!
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I used the scorpikus venom all the way to 300. To evolve the trophy, you can do some of the newer combines, but yeah.. good old scorpikus venoms to 300 =\

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Re: Guide to raising Poison Fast and Cheap!
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I went the Spine Rend route to 300 and also to maxing out my trophy. The only thing you have to buy/farm is Crystallized Sulfur. I bought stacks and stacks of it in the bazaar when I was doing skill ups. Not sure what the market is like now though. Everything else is store bought. That's what I'd recommend anyways.

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